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  1. ai-gee thanks
    The AIG Bailout Is OverOne of the worst chapters in our recent national history is nearly done.
  2. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    AIG CEO: ‘This Ship Ain’t Going to Sink’Neither the insurance giant nor Robert Benmosche is going down anytime soon.
  3. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Will Make Cancer His BitchDespite a cancer diagnosis, AIG’s CEO soldiers on.
  4. aggravating insurance giants
    What Kind of Guy Is New AIG Chairman Steve Miller?Taking stock of the man charged with keeping Robert Benmosche in check.
  5. aig
    AIG Chairman Steps DownVictory for Benmosche.
  6. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Robert Benmosche: Chairman Goes or I GoThe AIG CEO has another hissy fit.
  7. white men they said wouldn’t last
    Let’s All Give Bob Benmosche a HandThe AIG CEO reaches an important milestone.
  8. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Robert Benmosche Will Only Stay With AIG One or Two More YearsLike those before him, the CEO of America’s most wretched insurer eyes the door.
  9. love this guy
    Which ‘Part of His Anatomy’ Did AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Claim Was Bigger Than the Government’s?The ‘Journal’ is too shy to tell us what part he was referring to, so we have to guess!
  10. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    If the AIG Thing Doesn’t Work Out, Robert Benmosche Has a Backup PlanThe CEO is a “budding winemaker.”
  11. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche’s Heart Bleeds for Top AIG Employees Who Have Lost MillionsAfter a series of cockups, the AIG CEO tries to clear a few things up.
  12. aggravating insurance giants
    Hurting AIG Is the Same As Hurting OurselvesIt would be like cutting, but instead we’d bleed money.
  13. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche Remains ‘Totally Committed’ to AIGHe just gets a little emotional sometimes, is all.
  14. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG CEO Throws Temper Tantrum, Threatens to QuitThree months into the job, Robert Benmosche realizes he’s signed on to do the impossible.
  15. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Robert Benmosche Promises Employees That Mean Man Won’t Take Their MoneyThe special master will not try to claw back any compensation from employees, the AIG CEO says in a memo.
  16. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Pay Czar Decides AIG CEO Is Worth Our MoneyThe special master for compensation is expected to approve a $10.5 million pay package for Robert Benmosche.
  17. maybe snoopy tolerated that mouth but not uncle sam
    Economic Adviser Scolds AIG CEO for His ‘Cheekiness’CEO Robert Benmosche had better watch his mouth around the people who pay his salary.
  18. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Bob Benmosche Had a Long Talk With Bob Benmosche About His MouthThe board doesn’t have to tell the AIG CEO to tone it down, he says. “I’ve already told it to myself.”
  19. the downturnaround
    Bob Benmosche Is an Equal Opportunity BullyThe Downturnaround is heartened to see that Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only person the new AIG CEO is talking tough to.
  20. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Bob Benmosche Understands That Bob Benmosche Screwed Up“If there is anybody critical of Bob, it is Bob,” said the AIG CEO.
  21. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    AIG CEO ‘Regrets’ Threatening to Purple-Nurple Andrew CuomoAIG CEO Robert Benmosche reportedly “regrets his comments regarding Mr. Cuomo and the tone of those comments.”
  22. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche Promises Andrew Cuomo the Worst Day of His Life“The worst thing that will ever happen to him is when he and I meet in the room and I close the door,” the new AIG CEO warns.
  23. If It’s Not One Thing, It’s AnotherThe hazing of AIG’s new CEO continues.
  24. New AIG CEO Taking a Much-Needed VacationPoor Robert Benmosche. He just started yesterday, and already he needs a breather.
  25. Four Ways the WSJ Calls New AIG CEO FatRobert Benmosche is already getting abused.
  26. AIG’s New CEO Fired SnoopyYES. THIS is the kind of guy we need running that taco stand.