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Robert Bentley

  1. 2022 midterms
    Sex, Trump, and Insurrection: Alabama Republicans Are at It AgainWith Mo Brooks winning Trump’s endorsement and John Merrill imploding in a sex scandal, Alabama’s 2022 Senate primary is off to a fine start.
  2. politics
    Will Public Support Save Andrew Cuomo?He’s fairly popular now, but the record shows men like him don’t easily recover.
  3. 2020 alabama senate race
    Judge Roy Moore Rides Again Into a 2020 Senate RaceEverybody’s favorite theocrat and alleged mall creeper is again threatening to wreak havoc on his party’s Senate prospects in Alabama.
  4. Why Conservative Politicians Love Defending the Confederate FlagThe movement to protect the Lost Cause’s symbols and memorials shows that old neo-Confederate habits still live, from Alabama to the White House.
  5. Alabama’s Christian Right Has Been Doubly Disgraced in 2017In Roy Moore and former governor Bentley, the state’s conservative Evangelicals have backed two bad apples from the same basket.
  6. Democrat Doug Jones Has a Slim — But Real — Chance of Upsetting Roy MooreIt will depend on convincing Alabamians that Moore will embarrass their state.
  7. Alabama GOP Senate Primary Getting Strange-er After Trump InterventionAlabama GOP voters likely to vault the wheezing campaign of Trump’s endorsee Luther Strange into a runoff with the grim celebrity theocrat Roy Moore.
  8. Will Trump Jump Into Alabama’s Crazy Senate Primary?He could tap McConnell’s favorite Luther Strange or Hannity’s favorite Mo Brooks. Theocrat Roy Moore’s in the mix, too.
  9. Alabama’s ‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Is Running for SenateAfter a bizarre career, famed theocrat Roy Moore wants to go to D.C.
  10. scandals
    Alabama Governor Resigns Over Sex Scandal, Pleads Guilty to MisdemeanorsKay Ivey has been sworn in as the second female governor in state history.
  11. Alabama’s Governor Expected to Resign After Protracted Sex ScandalBesieged by the legislature and the state ethics commission, Robert Bentley will probably cut a deal to avoid the slammer.
  12. Jeff Sessions’s Promotion Stirs Pot in Alabama Governor’s Sex ScandalGovernor Robert Bentley could appoint the man who has been investigating his sex-and-corruption case to Sessions’s seat.
  13. the south
    Alabama Governor ApologizesHe didn’t mean to disenfranchise people who don’t believe in Jesus.
  14. jerks
    Alabama Governor Insults All Seven or So Non-Christian AlabamansThey are not his brothers and sisters, he informs them.
  15. early and awkward
    Another Candidate Jumps on the Lucrative Vietnam-Misrepresentation BandwagonAlabama’s candidate for governor is being criticized for a vague TV ad.