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Robert Byrd

  1. budget reconciliation
    What Is Budget Reconciliation and Why Does It Matter for Biden’s Agenda?For 40 years, reconciliation has provided a way to bypass the Senate filibuster. It may be crucial for passing Biden’s stimulus plan.
  2. Feinstein Seeks to Join Senate’s Elite 90-and-Over ClubIf she runs and wins next year and serves a full term, Dianne Feinstein will become the fifth serving U.S. senator over the age of 90.
  3. manchin of la mancha
    Senator Joe Manchin Will Try to Fit Voting for Legislation Into His Busy Schedule From Now OnHe missed last weekend’s important votes to be at a “holiday gathering” with his family.
  4. early and awkward
    Harry Reid’s ‘Greatest Living Americans’ Are Ted Kennedy and Robert ByrdOh no.
  5. comings and goings
    Carte Goodwin, 36, Gets to Be a Senator for a Few MonthsHe’ll replace Robert Byrd in West Virginia.
  6. the byrd rule
    Bill Clinton Employs West Virginia Stereotypes in Robert Byrd Memorial Speech“He hated the line-item veto with the passion that most people in West Virginia reserve for blood feuds.”
  7. early and often
    Three Heartbeats Away: Do We Need to Fix the President Pro Tempore System?As the population gets older, so does the senator who’s third in line to the presidency.
  8. comings and goings
    Robert Byrd Returning to the Senate on ThursdayHe will still be dead, though.
  9. bons mots
    Andrew Sullivan Is Not Going to Pretend That There Was Anything Good About Robert ByrdThat “racist, populist, larcenous bigot.”
  10. comings and goings
    Robert Byrd, Longest-Serving Senator in American History, Has DiedThe West Virginian had served in the Senate since 1959.
  11. robert byrd
    ‘Seriously Ill’ Senator Robert Byrd Has Been HospitalizedHe’s the longest-serving Congress member in history.
  12. health carnage
    Senate Passes Health CareAnd to all a good night!
  13. intel
    Don Imus and Other Great Moments in Bigoted Slurs And so the “nappy-headed hos” remark has cost Don Imus his job. The final denouement, which came with CBS Radio’s canning the I-Man last night, a day after MSNBC dropped the simulcast of his show, has seemed inevitable for most of the week, as protests had intensified, advertisers had balked, and the great and august Ana Marie Cox had announced she would never again deign to appear on such a juvenile broadcast. (Cox first gained fame as the editor of Wonkette, where she was known for her anal-sex jokes.) But it has not always been thus; many, many public figures have uttered bigoted slurs and lived to tell the tale. After the jump, a look back at some Great Moments in Bigoted Slurs.