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  1. crazytown
    Preppy Killer’s Girlfriend Gets to Serve Probation, Still Loves Her ManAfter 22 years of a mutually destructive relationship, Shawn Kovell goes on loving Robert Chambers.
  2. it happened this week
    Falling DollarsEverything that happened last week, in case you weren’t paying attention.
  3. in other news
    Robert Chambers: Apartment Envy The story of Robert “Preppy Killer” Chambers’s drug bust has taken its inevitable turn into a real-estate saga. Would Chambers and his girlfriend, Shawn Kovell, have been so exposed to drugs had they not had the opportunity to move back to New York and live in Kovell’s late mother’s apartment? That’s what one friend wondered — after all, they were clean when they were living in Georgia. Or, did the pressure of the $1,800-a-month rent drive them to selling drugs out of financial desperation, as Kovell’s godmother suspects. We won’t know until the trial, if ever, but what we do know is that whatever factor it played, their apartment was a killer deal (was that in bad taste? Oh, don’t be mad. The Post would have said it!).
  4. in other news
    ‘Preppy Killer’ Arrest: A Time to MeditateToday’s coverage of Robert “the Preppy Killer” Chambers’s drug bust came with several moral lessons — courtesy of the cops and neighbors who helped bring Chambers down. For your edification, some pearls of wisdom: • With enough cocaine, one can “levitate to Central Park.” —A police source • Drug dealers “are like vampires. They only come out at night.” —An anonymous neighbor • With crack, women take a harder whack. “He’s still a handsome guy. You know, tall, blue eyes. But [also accused girlfriend Shawn Kovell] is a different thing. She was beautiful once, but now she looks about 89 and weighs about 45 pounds.” —Another anonymous neighbor • People never learn. “The guy had a second chance and he blew it. He’s like OJ.” —An anonymous building employee • “Three strikes, you’re out.” —Ellen Levin, mother of Jennifer Levin, the girl Chambers killed in 1986 Tabloid sources. The Zen masters of our time. Preppy Killer Chambers Busted [NYP] Preppy Killer in Coke Bust [NYDN]