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    Robert Durst Has COVID, Is on VentilatorThe real-estate heir and convicted murder was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Thursday.
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    Robert Durst Found Guilty of Murdering FriendThe real-estate heir was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Susan Berman in 2000 in an attempt to conceal how he had murdered his wife.
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    The Latest Bizarre Twists in the Robert Durst Murder TrialSix years later, the subject of The Jinx is finally on trial for Susan Berman’s murder. Unsurprisingly, the proceedings have been far from normal.
  4. Robert Durst Will Head to California for a Murder Trial This SummerThe millionaire heir turned HBO anti-hero will be extradited by August 18.
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    Durst Expected to Plead Guilty in Gun CaseThe real-estate heir and star of HBO documentary The Jinx will enter a new plea on December 17.
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    Civil Suit to Be Filed Against The Jinx’s Durst“He did it, and we can prove it.”
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    Lawyer Says Robert Durst Peed on Candy in CVS Due to a ‘Medical Mishap’The surveillance footage was just released.
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    Bob Durst Apparently Wrote Letter to L.A. Times“I used to read your biline [sic].”
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    Robert Durst Extradition Delayed for Gun ChargeThe 71-year-old was found in possession of guns and a controlled substance in New Orleans on March 14.
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    Woman Who Dated Robert Durst Speaks About His Creepy PastLinda Walker Zevallos dated Durst in 2000.
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    Douglas Durst Is ‘Very Grateful’ to The JinxThough he wouldn’t participate in the documentary.
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    Police Investigating Durst-Middlebury LinkDurst lived in Middlebury, Vermont, when an 18-year-old student named Lynne Schulze disappeared.
  13. Judge: Durst Left a Cat Head on My Doorstep“I believe that Robert Durst is a serial killer.”
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    Durst Had Latex Mask and Fake ID When ArrestedMarijuana and a revolver were also found.
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    Investigator: Robert Durst Picked Up Prostitutes“The only time he had sexual relations since his first wife disappeared in 1982 was with prostitutes.”
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    Police May Be Investigating Robert Durst for Two More Murders in CaliforniaTwo teen girls were killed in the ‘90s in northern California.
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    Robert Durst Arrested for Murder [Updated]Just in time for The Jinx’s series finale.
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    Guy Played by Ryan Gosling Peed on Candy at CVSRobert Durst just can’t stay out of trouble.
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    Cross-Dressing Killer Might Make for a Bad NeighborRobert Durst is coming home.
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    LAPD Seeks to Question Robert Durst Over New Evidence in 2000 Murder CaseSusan Berman’s case is still open.
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    Cross-Dressing Convict Robert Durst Returns to New YorkThe real-estate scion and ex-con is back home just in time for ‘All Good Things,’ the movie based on his life.