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  1. Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Cheer Trump’s Pick of Tillerson for StateRice and Gates took consulting fees from Exxon. Now, they’re giving the company’s CEO a badge of Establishment approval.
  2. boy scouts
    Robert Gates Says Ban on Gay Boy Scout Leaders Must End“We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.”
  3. joetorious
    The White House Won’t Stand for Biden-BashingBut otherwise they’re pretending they aren’t mad at Gates.
  4. early and awkward
    Joe Biden Wrong All the Time, Says Old ColleagueFormer Defense Secretary Robert Gates has a new memoir.
  5. get well soon
    New Year’s Day Was a Pain in the Neck for Robert GatesAs will be this upcoming book tour.
  6. photo op
    Leon Panetta Is the Defense Secretary NowHe got a new door plaque.
  7. the military
    General Martin E. Dempsey Expected to Lead Joint Chiefs of StaffThe move would make Dempsey the military’s highest-ranking officer.
  8. osama bin killed
    Why Not Just Let Osama Prove He’s Alive?The solution to this photo debate.
  9. white house the new class
    Petraeus Being ‘Seriously Considered’ for CIA DirectorHis “King David” reputation may have preceded him.
  10. revolt like an egyptian
    President Obama to Finally Explain Why We’re Bombing Another CountryWhat will he say in his not-quite-prime-time address tonight?
  11. international intrigue
    Gates: NATO Forces in Afghanistan Facing ‘Acid Test’And not the fun kind.
  12. jokes
    This Is Small Talk Between General Petraeus, Secretary Gates“You gonna launch some attacks on Libya or something?”
  13. bons mots
    Let’s Not Get Involved in Any More Endless Quagmires, Secretary of Defense SuggestsGood call.
  14. guantanamo bay
    U.S. to Lift Ban on Guantánamo TrialsAfter more than two years, Guantánamo trials are expected to begin soon.
  15. war and peace
    Pentagon to Cut Budget by $78 Billion Over Five YearsIt’s actually a reduction in growth.
  16. red tape
    Gay Soldiers Still Have at Least Sixty More Days To Remain ClosetedOf course, they have forever to remain closeted if they want to. But, officially.
  17. bons mots
    Our Defense Secretary Is Really SweetHe tells the troops, “I love you.”
  18. don’t ask don’t tell
    Official Results of Pentagon Study: Gay Troops Could Serve Openly Without Hurting Combat ReadinessJust as we’d originally heard.
  19. gays in the military
    Secretary of Defense Tells Congress to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ ASAPBob Gates wants it gone before the next Congress steps in.
  20. don’t ask don’t tell
    Pentagon to Comply With Ruling to Halt ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ PolicyThat’s even though the Obama administration has moved to appeal a recent ruling.
  21. comings and goings
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates Leaving Sometime Next YearWho will his replacement be?
  22. loose lips
    FBI to Aid WikiLeaks Investigation; Military Practices May ChangeRelease of documents could have “potentially dramatic and grievously harmful consequences.”
  23. mcchrystal ball
    Stanley McChrystal Never Had a ChanceObama had nearly decided by the end of the first paragraph.
  24. don’t ask don’t tell
    Military Chiefs of Staff Object to Early ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ CompromiseThey’d rather wait until their much-touted study is completed in December.
  25. don’t ask don’t tell
    ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Maneuvering Gets More FranticThere’s one day until the big vote!
  26. gays
    Robert Gates Asks Congress to Hold Off on Repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’He wants to see what the troops think about it first.
  27. gays
    Gates to Revise ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ RulesFrom here on in, it’s going to be harder to expel gay servicemen and women.
  28. nomenclature
    Obama Administration Rebrands Iraq War“Operation Iraqi Freedom” scrapped as name.
  29. gays
    Colin Powell Supports Ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’If “chiefs and commanders are comfortable with moving to change the policy then I support it.”
  30. gays
    Military to Stop ‘Aggressively Pursuing’ Action Against Gay Service MembersIn a presentation before the Senate, Pentagon leaders will announce some new plans today.
  31. gays
    Gates and Mullen to Argue Against ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’That Pentagon will detail the steps it’s taking toward preparing for a repeal of the ban.
  32. pentagon
    Robert Gates Will Hang Around For At Least Another YearBut he still looks froward “to one day retiring to his family home in the Pacific Northwest.”
  33. international intrigue
    There Will Be No Interceptor Missiles for the Children of Poland This ChristmasWhich is to say, President Obama has new plans for his predecessor’s missile shield.
  34. early and often
    Is Obama’s National-Security Team Liberal Change in Moderate Hawk’s Clothing?Or are progressives just looking for the silver lining in a not-so-liberal national-security team?
  35. obama administration
    Which Face Will Hillary Clinton Wear During Today’s Press Conference?It’s a big day for her — she’ll be named the next secretary of State! And she’s got more to choose from than just pantsuits.
  36. early and often
    Obama Keeps Robert Gates on at Pentagon, Gratifying Conservative BloggersAnd other ones, too!
  37. obama administration
    New Administration Already Tackling Afghanistan, Which Is Already ResistingBy picking Robert Gates for Defense secretary, Obama has given himself the power to start preparing his Afghanistan strategy before he even gets into office.