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  1. trump impeachment
    Behind the ‘Civil War’ Quote: Trump May Fear the Christian Right Wants PencePraising Robert Jeffress’s impeachment warning may signal that Trump wants to shore up support from the Christian right.
  2. religion
    Christian Conservative Politics Are Driving Liberals Out of the PewsThe loud belief of militantly conservative Christians that being religious means being Republican may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  3. religion
    Do Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump Not Despite But for His Hatefulness?Some suggest they prefer Trump to one of their own as a leader, as they find his un-Christ-like qualities effective.
  4. Jerusalem Embassy Opening Features Two Religious Leaders Accused of BigotryThe Trump administration managed to make the move from Tel Aviv a bit more controversial.
  5. Forgotten Mainline Protestants Challenge Evangelicals to Stand Up to TrumpWhile most conservative evangelical leaders are avid Trump fans or passive enablers, mainline Protestants are urging them to show some independence.
  6. Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Authorizes Him to Smite North KoreaAt a time when the president could use some calm, pacific advice in dealing with North Korea, one leading spiritual counselor is egging him on to war.
  7. stuck in the mittle
    Robert Jeffress Endorses Cult-Member NomineeThe star of this year’s Value Voters Summit has fallen in line.
  8. values voter summit
    Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Straw PollCain and Santorum in second and third.
  9. values voter summit dispatch
    Values Voter Summit Showdown: Mitt Romney vs. Bryan FischerRomney criticizes the speaker following him for his “poisonous” anti-Mormon language.
  10. values voter summit dispatch
    Bill Bennett Slams Pastor Robert Jeffress [Updated]“You did Rick Perry no good sir in what you had to say.”
  11. values voter summit dispatch
    The Mormon Discussion That Was Always Going to Happen Is Now HappeningAfter a Perry-backing pastor calls Mormonism a “cult,” the religious question has burst into the forefront of the race. We talked to Values Voter Summit attendees to see what they thought.