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Robert Kennedy Jr.

  1. early and often
    Third-Party 2024 Candidates Can’t Win, But They Can Help TrumpThis year’s many independent and third-party presidential candidates won’t win electoral votes, so voters are still facing a binary choice.
  2. Trump Is Failing to Follow Through on Many of His Worst IdeasBut the Executive branch is still doing damage.
  3. Trump Fans Moore and Strange Head to a Runoff in Alabama Senate RaceAll of Mitch McConnell’s fundraising and Trump’s endorsement only won Luther Strange a second-place finish and a runoff fight with Judge Roy Moore.
  4. cuomolot
    Robert Kennedy Jr. Joins Andrew Cuomo’s Transition TeamWonder what his sister thinks of that?
  5. kennedyland
    Some Kennedys Are Having Some Family Problems Involving AlcoholThis is actually news.
  6. gossipmonger
    No One Listens to Adrian GrenierSeems the ‘Entourage’ actor is not as influential as Vincent Chase. Plus, funny tidbits about Keith Olbermann, Governor Awesome, and others in our New York gossip roundup.
  7. gossipmonger
    David Wright Is a Good BoyfriendPlus, Mischa Barton gets some new help, Derek Jeter may be batting twice in rotation, and Justin Long puts on a Sad Mac face. All in our daily gossip roundup.
  8. in other news
    One of These Things Is Not Like the OthersThis morning, “Page Six” ran the below item. Look closely, and see if you can figure out what boldfaced name doesn’t quite belong! Robert Kennedy Jr. has reportedly become an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin on cleaning up the environment. Kennedy, now in Aspen with his family, is said to have offered Putin his expertise in cleaning up the terrible pollution in Russia during a trip to Moscow last year. The founder of Riverkeeper also told restaurateur Nello Balan he’s interested in running for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s seat when it becomes vacant. Kennedy is convinced that if Clinton doesn’t win the presidency, she’ll quit the Senate when her term expires and join the private sector. Well, we guess we have to give them credit for being really upfront about the stuff they are getting from Le Nello. So long as it’s not fistfuls of cash!