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  1. politics
    Fetterman Is Confronting Robert Menendez on Escalators NowAccording to a report, the two senators exchanged words on Tuesday, as Fetterman continues to call for his colleague’s resignation.
  2. early and often
    Senator Menendez Charged With Acting As an Agent of EgyptThe senator, who is already facing corruption charges, allegedly conspired to act on behalf of Egypt while helming the Foreign Relations Committee.
  3. politics
    New Probe Launched Into Fatal Crash Involving Senator Menendez’s WifeThe New Jersey attorney general’s office is looking into how police handled the fatal 2018 crash in which Nadine Menendez hit a pedestrian.
  4. politics
    John Fetterman Really, Really Wants Menendez to ResignThe Pennsylvania senator has continued to call out his New Jersey colleague.
  5. politics
    Menendez Keeps Bleeding Support From Top DemocratsBob Menendez entered a not guilty plea in federal court Wednesday as top Senate leaders are now calling for his resignation.
  6. 2018 midterms
    Robert Menendez Is Testing New Jersey’s Tolerance for SleazeDespite lurid corruption charges, the Democrat is still favored to win his Senate race. But will voters have last-minute doubts?
  7. Feds Drop Corruption Case Against Senator MenendezThe perpetually embattled Senate Democrat now has a clear path to reelection in November, particularly if Republicans look elsewhere.
  8. Vulnerable Democratic Senators Mostly Above Water; a Wave Could Keep Them ThereApproval ratio numbers for senators show a predictable erosion of support for Democrats running in red states. But they’re hanging in there.
  9. Justice Department to Retry Senator Menendez in Corruption CaseThis complicates his reelection plans.
  10. Mistrial in New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez’s Corruption TrialThe lawmaker was accused of trading political favors for lavish gifts and campaign donations.
  11. Menendez Has Run Out the Clock on GOP Fantasies of Picking Up a Senate SeatSenator Robert Menendez may or may not be acquitted of corruption charges. But it will be too late for Chris Christie to appoint a successor.
  12. Jurors Deadlocked in Senator Menendez Corruption TrialThe judge asked them to give it another shot.
  13. Will the Most Unpopular Governor in America Appoint Himself to the Senate?It would take a long combination of events, but, yes, Chris Christie could possibly arrange a Senate seat for himself. Voters are not enthused.
  14. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez IndictedHe has been charged with 14 counts, including bribery and conspiracy.
  15. scandal
    Cuban Spies Might Have Planted the Senator Menendez Prostitute Story [Updated]And duped the Daily Caller.
  16. blog-stained wretches
    Tucker Carlson: We Didn’t Pay for Hooker StoryThe Daily Caller scandal continues.
  17. scandal
    Menendez Donor Wanted a More High-Profile Friend in D.C.But only his dealings with the senator are under investigation.
  18. oh new jersey
    Police: Women Lied About Menendez Paying for SexNow he only has to worry about the financial scandal.
  19. oh new jersey
    Senator Menendez’s Relationship With Donor Goes From Shady to Possibly IllegalIt’s the subject of a grand jury investigation.
  20. blog-stained wretches
    Yet Another Reason Tucker Carlson Deserves None of Your RespectA few years ago, Carlson said a senator’s dalliances with prostitutes were nobody’s business.
  21. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Caller: WaPo Can’t Keep Hookers StraightSupposedly Menendez’s lady friend has been misidentified again.
  22. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Call Girl Smacks Down Daily CallerSenator Bob Menendez’s alleged prostitute is now saying she lied for money.
  23. oh new jersey
    FBI Can’t Prove That Senator Bob Menendez Patronized Prostitutes But his scandal-plagued days are not over yet.
  24. oh new jersey
    Sen. Menendez Suggested Feds Shouldn’t Be So Hard on His Shady Doctor FriendHe was dropping the senator’s name as a character witness.
  25. Menendez Condemns ‘Smear,’ Forgot to Pay $60KWe’ve all been there.
  26. oh new jersey
    Senator Bob Menendez Writes $58,500 Check for Not Doing Anything WrongJust in case.
  27. oh new jersey
    Senator Bob Menendez’s Friends Are Making Him Look Shady [Updated]The New Jersey lawmaker has multiple little scandals to worry about.
  28. early and awkward
    Arrest of Senator’s Intern Delayed for ElectionThis is not going to go over well.
  29. revolt like an egyptian
    America Has Decided on Its Reward for Helping to Topple Qaddafi: The Lockerbie MastermindSenators, presidential candidates, and political observers want him back in prison, ASAP.
  30. politics
    Schumer and Menendez Pushed for Tax-Cut VoteWhy did Senate Democrats refuse to listen to the guys who got them elected?