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  1. family separation
    Jeff Sessions Reportedly Told U.S. Attorneys ‘We Need to Take Away Children’A Department of Justice draft IG report claims that former heads Sessions and Rosenstein spearheaded the family separation of children and infants.
  2. the national interest
    The Banal Complicity of Rod RosensteinThe departing deputy attorney general attacks Jim Comey as “partisan” and defends his service to Trump.
  3. mueller time
    Comey Calls Trump a Devourer of SoulsThe former FBI Director dissects the gradual self-corruption of Attorney General Barr and other Trump servants.
  4. the national interest
    Rod Rosenstein Embodies the Republican Surrender to TrumpThe departing deputy attorney general kept his job by giving in to a lawless president.
  5. rod rosenstein
    Rod Rosenstein Thanks Trump for His ‘Courtesy’ in Resignation Letter“I am grateful to you … for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations,” the deputy attorney general wrote.
  6. mueller time
    Man Shocks America With Unblinking EyesRod Rosenstein didn’t move during William Barr’s press conference.
  7. mueller time
    Who Was the Bearded Man at Barr’s Mueller Press Conference?His name is Edward O’Callaghan, and he once thwarted an investigation into another Republican politician: Sarah Palin.
  8. mueller time
    Mueller Report Expected Sunday, But How Much of It?The attorney general is prepping a hand-crafted summary of Mueller’s conclusions, but House Democrats are getting ready to fight for the whole report.
  9. russia investigation
    After Somehow Failing to Get Fired, Rod Rosenstein Is Expected to QuitOnce William Barr is confirmed as attorney general, the deputy AG who hired Mueller and infuriated Trump is expected to leave the DOJ.
  10. justice department
    White House Eyes Wingnut Critic of Russia Probe As Rosenstein’s ReplacementMatthew Whitaker has praised James Comey’s firing, called for prosecuting Hillary, and likened the Mueller probe to a “witch hunt.”
  11. rod rosenstein
    Rod Rosenstein Is (Reportedly) a World-Historic WimpThe deputy AG was reportedly prepared to resign — and jeopardize the Mueller probe — because he didn’t want Trump to attack him on Twitter.
  12. rod rosenstein
    Rod Rosenstein Didn’t Quit After AllAfter hours of feverish speculation, he remains embattled but employed.
  13. rod rosenstein
    Report: Rosenstein Suggested Wearing a Wire With Trump, Invoking 25th AmendmentThe deputy attorney general was reportedly rattled after Trump’s firing of James Comey.
  14. 2018 midterms
    If Democrats Win Midterms, Trump Could Be Planning a November SurpriseTrump could use a lame-duck session to conduct a Saturday Night Massacre, or take other extreme steps to abuse his power.
  15. the national interest
    After Trump-Putin Summit, Freaked-out Republicans Are Supporting Mueller ProbeThe party’s appetite to help Trump fire Mueller has suddenly dissipated.
  16. House Conservatives Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Rod RosensteinIt looks like more of a gesture of intimidation and disinformation by Trump’s closest congressional allies than a serious threat to the deputy AG.
  17. Mueller’s New Indictment Points to Collusion With RussiaThe Department of Justice charges only Russians, but signs of their Republican partners are plain.
  18. Trump’s Advisers Floated a Fox News Pundit’s Name for Supreme Court JusticeApparently, the TV judge’s name has come up for Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and yes, the Supreme Court.
  19. Risk of Being Mueller’s Boss Scares Off Top Justice Department CandidatesThe number-three position at the Justice Department will remain vacant for now, as no one wants to wind up overseeing the Russia probe.
  20. Trump Wanted Rosenstein to Give More Obstruction-y Reason for Comey FiringFormer FBI deputy director Andy McCabe reportedly worried that Rosenstein gave Trump “cover” by opting not to blame the Russia probe.
  21. the national interest
    President Trump Is Taking Control of the Mueller Probe in SlicesHow “salami tactics” are relentlessly whittling down the independence of the Justice Department and the rule of law.
  22. Trump Demands Justice Department Investigate Role of Informant on CampaignIs this just bluster, or the beginnings of the constitutional crisis we’ve all been waiting for?
  23. the national interest
    Rod Rosenstein: ‘The Department of Justice Is Not Going to Be Extorted.’Robert Mueller’s boss finally states plainly what Trump and his allies are trying to do: subvert the rule of law.
  24. DOJ Erases ‘Need for Free Press and Public Trial’ From Internal ManualThese requirements are totally outdated!
  25. the national interest
    Extremely Ominous Rod Rosenstein Foreshadowing News RoundupThings are looking very, very, very grim for Robert Mueller’s supervisor.
  26. the law
    Robert Mueller May or May Not Go, But His Work Won’t Go AnywhereThe special counsel has constructed an investigation that is sabotage-proof in key ways.
  27. Will Syrians Pay for Trump’s Anger at Investigators?Maybe the U.S. should punish Syria for alleged chemical weapon attacks. But maybe the president considering that action should not be in a hate rage.
  28. Trump Lawyer: Mueller Should Be FiredJohn Dowd made it clear that he wasn’t speaking for the president, though it’s safe to say his client agrees.
  29. Rachel Brand, No. 3 at Justice Department, Steps Down After Only Nine MonthsThis could be an ominous development in the Mueller investigation.
  30. the national interest
    The Backward Logic of the Nunes MemoRepublicans argue any investigators who think Trump might be compromised by Russia must be biased against him.
  31. the national interest
    Republicans: If Poor Carter Page Can Be Wiretapped, Who Among Us Is Safe?The secret memo is apparently motivated only to safeguard civil liberties, not to protect Trump.
  32. the national interest
    Trump’s Law Enforcement Purge Is Now Republican PolicyPaul Ryan also wants to “cleanse” the FBI.
  33. the national interest
    Trump Expects Justice Department to Serve Him Instead of JusticeHow long can the president’s lawyers prevent him from taking control of the Russia investigation and federal law enforcement?
  34. the national interest
    Why Trump Might Fire Rod Rosenstein Instead of Robert MuellerThe question is not so much whether Trump will erupt in rage but when, and where he will direct it.
  35. the national interest
    Donald Trump: L’état, C’est MoiThe president explains his belief that a conflict of interest is any loyalty to anything but Trump.
  36. Deputy Attorney General May Recuse Himself From Russia ProbeThat would leave Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand in charge. Here’s what you need to know about her.
  37. Trump Confirms He’s Under Investigation, Attacks Deputy Attorney GeneralA Friday-morning tweet suggests Rod Rosenstein’s job is in danger — and the special prosecutor’s is, too.
  38. Deputy Attorney General Weirdly Warns Americans About ‘Anonymous Allegations’It’s not clear what prompted Rod Rosenstein’s statement.
  39. Jeff Sessions Still Doesn’t Have a Convincing Story on Comey FiringIn his Senate testimony, he acted like a lawyer with an especially difficult client — which is kind of true.
  40. Someone Should Explain to Trump His Administration Appointed the Special CounselOr is all this complaining just meant to fire up his base?
  41. Special Counsel Might Be Win for Trump — He Freaked Out on Twitter AnywayAlbeit a surprise, the move could give the embattled White House some breathing room. But Trump can’t suppress his anger.
  42. Mueller Is Appointed Special Counsel for Russia-Trump InvestigationIn an abrupt turnabout, the Department of Justice decides to appoint a special counsel instead of attacking the idea there is anything to investigate.
  43. Could Jeff Sessions Be Disbarred for His Role in the Comey Firing?It’s hard to imagine a rationale for Comey’s firing that doesn’t involve the 2016 campaign, a subject Sessions promised to steer clear of in March.
  44. Respected Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Gave Trump Cover to Fire ComeyHe offered a cogent argument from a highly regarded source. Not that Trump believed it.