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  1. rodents
    Eric Adams Won’t Stop Talking About His Rat BucketAs mayor, he wants to take his favorite trapping device citywide.
  2. Meet the First Mammal to Go Extinct Because of Climate ChangeSay good-bye to this cute little rodent.
  3. talking about the weather
    Ohio Prosecutor Indicts Punxsutawney PhilPunishable by death.
  4. sad things
    Rodent Virus Kills Chiropractor in MontaukThis is sad.
  5. rats they’re just like us
    After Pest-Control Layoffs, Now City Humans Are Going to Lose War Against RatsWe were winning it before. Oh, you didn’t know that?
  6. company town
    Rupert Plucks ‘Journal’ From Its Home and Carries It Back to His LairMEDIA • Like a bird of prey with a juicy morsel in its claws, Rupert Murdoch is moving the Journal back to his midtown News Corp. nest to feast on its carcass. New plans include more entertainment coverage and a sports page! [NYT] • A mouse was spotted at the Times building! And as all apartment dwellers know, for every mouse you see, there are seven you don’t see. [Gawker] • The Writers Guild has struck a deal that allows them to write for the Grammys. Good thing, because improvised speaking never really sounds as good as improvised music. [USAT, Vulture]