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Rodrigo Duterte

  1. sports
    President Pacquiao?As he preps for what may be his last bout in the ring, the Filipino boxing legend has his eyes on a bigger prize.
  2. Trump’s Latest Idea for Solving the Opioid Crisis Is Executing Drug DealersAfter advocating for the idea in private, Trump is going public with the maniacal plan.
  3. war on drugs
    Trump’s Plan to Solve the Opioid Crisis Might Involve Executing Drug DealersHe praises brutal policies in Singapore and the Philippines, and would reportedly love to replicate them — but he’ll settle for harsher sentences.
  4. Flake Calls Trump a Model for Speech-Suppressing TyrantsInstead of issuing Fake News Media Awards, Trump was blasted by a senator calling him the inspiration for free-speech enemies everywhere.
  5. Trump Hails ‘Great Relationship’ With Duterte, Ignores Human-Rights QuestionsThe president of the Philippines called reporters “spies,” which made Trump chuckle.
  6. U.S. May Bomb ISIS in the Philippines: ReportAs Tillerson meets with Duterte, the Pentagon mulls opening a new front in America’s war against the (so-called) Islamic State.
  7. Trump Praised Duterte’s Deadly Drug War, Saying He’s Doing an ‘Unbelievable Job’Trump and Duterte also gabbed about the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea.
  8. international relations
    Philippine President Duterte Might Be Too ‘Tied Up’ to Make White House VisitHis comments come after Trump’s controversial invitation to the leader accused of human-rights violations.
  9. foreign policy
    Trump Invites Philippine President Duterte to White HouseThe surprise move seems like an endorsement of Duterte’s brutal drug war, which has led to the extrajudicial murders of thousands.
  10. Duterte Wants to Expand His Deadly Drug War to 9-Year-OldsHuman-rights groups are opposed to the idea, which is being floated at a time when thousands of drug users are being murdered.
  11. Philippines’ Duterte Admits to Roaming Streets and Killing CriminalsThe president of the Philippines doesn’t just encourage vigilantism, he’s done it himself.
  12. Police Van Plows Through Crowd of Protesters at Anti-U.S. Rally in PhilippinesThe police chief denies that anyone was run over. The video says otherwise.
  13. Philippines President Tells President Obama to ‘Go to Hell’At least he didn’t insult Obama’s mother this time.
  14. human rights
    Philippine President: I’d Be ‘Happy to Slaughter’ 3 Million Drug AddictsAs a general rule, heads of state don’t look to Hitler for good ideas.
  15. President of the Philippines Gets Handshake From President Obama Despite InsultHe called Obama a “son of a bitch.”