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  1. Bill Shine, Disgraced Former Fox News Exec, Is Trump’s New Comms DirectorBill Shine is accused of enabling former CEO Roger Ailes’s years-long pattern of sexual harassment at the news network.
  2. Megyn Kelly Tears Into Fox News After Latest O’Reilly Harassment ReportShe said she protested his behavior to the network’s co-presidents.
  3. Report: O’Reilly Settled Additional $32 Million Harassment CaseWeeks before he was awarded a giant new contract from Fox News.
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    Fox News Is Dropping Its ‘Fair & Balanced’ SloganIt was too closely associated with Roger Ailes and had become a target for mockery, say insiders.
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    Roger and Me“Ailes and I developed a strange and intense connection. Sources at Fox said he thought about me as much as I thought about him”
  6. Roger Ailes, Fox News Mastermind, Dead at 77He is survived by a wife, a son, and nation ruled by a reality star his network helped elect.
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    Women Can Wear Pants on Fox News Now, But Not Much Else Has ChangedRupert Murdoch’s out-of-touch management of the disaster at his network.
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    Murdochs Might Not Be Done Cleaning House at Fox NewsNetwork exec Bill Shine is out. Insiders don’t think he’ll be the last.
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    Black Fox News Anchor Joins Expanding Racial-Discrimination LawsuitKelly Wright says he endured “many racist comments,” and Bill O’Reilly rejected a proposed segment because its portrayal of blacks was “too positive.”
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    Ex–Fox News Host Alleges Network Operatives Hacked Her Phone in Smear CampaignAccording to a new suit filed in federal court Monday.
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    Fox News’ Julie Roginsky Files Sexual-Harassment LawsuitThe post-scandal nightmare at the cable network continues.
  12. Megyn Kelly’s Departure Is a Big Clue About the Future of Fox NewsMaybe it won’t reinvent itself as a politically moderate network after all.
  13. Roger Ailes Is Dumping His Treasured Upstate NewspaperHe turned the Putnam County News and Recorder into a mini–Fox News. Now he’s handing it over to the editor.
  14. Geraldo Rivera Is Very Sorry for Supporting Roger AilesEspecially now that HarperCollins won’t publish his memoir.
  15. Matt Lauer’s Gift to Donald TrumpNo follow-ups or fact-checks during Wednesday night’s forum played right into Trump’s strategy just as the polls are tightening.
  16. Fox Settles With Carlson for Reported $20 Million — Then Van Susteren QuitsThe sexual-harassment scandal is not over yet.
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    How Fox News Women Took Down Roger AilesThe most powerful, and predatory, man in media warned his staff about the “enemy within.” Turns out it was him.
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    Andrea Tantaros Sues Fox News, Claims Retaliation for Reporting HarassmentShe says she was punished after accusing Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and others of inappropriate sexual advances.
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    Letting Trump Be Trump Is the Only Strategy LeftThe more “presidential” candidate never emerged. Why fight it?
  20. Hillary Clinton Has a Problem: Finding Someone Who Can Imitate TrumpThis is a lot trickier than it was to imitate the last guy.
  21. Rupert Murdoch Promotes Roger Ailes Loyalists to Run Fox NewsRoger Ailes’s old job has been divided into two positions. Jack Abernethy will run the business side, and Bill Shine will oversee content and talent.
  22. More Revelations About Roger Ailes’s ‘Black Room’ Tactics Against JournalistsPolitico adds to the allegations.
  23. CNN Anchor: Fox News Tricked Me Into Thinking I Had a GirlfriendCNN’s Brian Stelter says that he went on several dates with a Fox News staffer, only to discover she was actually a spy.
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    Report: ‘Multiple Women’ Taped Conversations With Roger AilesAnd sources say Fox News employees feared their boss was monitoring their conversations.
  25. Andrea Tantaros Says She Made Harassment Claims Against Ailes, Was Taken Off Air“I believe it’s retaliatory,” says her lawyer.
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    Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His EnemiesHe hired consultants, political operatives, and private detectives to carry out his personal agenda.
  27. Fmr. Fox Booker: Harassed by Ailes for 20 Years“He’s a predator.”
  28. reread
    Looking Back at 46 Years of Roger Ailes Coverage Certain larger-than-life figures tend to become running characters in New York  and, for nearly our entire history, that cast has included Roger Ailes.
  29. How Fox News Fired and Silenced a Female Reporter Who Alleged Sexual HarassmentAiles is finished at Fox, but sexual-harassment claims are following him out the door.
  30. Ailes Out at Fox News, $40M Golden ParachuteRupert Murdoch will be running the shop for a while.
  31. The Silencing of Fox News’ Powerful Publicist Irena BrigantiThe Fox spokesperson might be pushed out along with the embattled Roger Ailes.
  32. Sources: Kelly Said Ailes Sexually Harassed HerTen years ago when she was a Fox News correspondent. 
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    Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes — the Only Question Now Is WhenRupert and sons James and Lachlan are in agreement that the Fox News exec needs to go.
  34. Can the Murdochs Contain the Damage From the Ailes Investigation? It may prove difficult as the accusations continue to pile up.
  35. 6 More Women Allege That Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed ThemAfter Fox News host Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit against Ailes, more women come forward.
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    Fox News Shake-up Throws Roger Ailes Succession Race Into DisarrayMichael Clemente, seen as a leading contender to replace the Fox News chief, was moved to a new division. 
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    What Megyn Kelly’s Meeting With Donald Trump Says About the Future of Fox NewsUltimately, the network can’t afford to lose her. 
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    Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Meet, Are Maybe Friends NowIs Trump’s Fox feud over?
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    More Bad News for Marco Rubio: He Just Lost the Support of Fox News“We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore,” Roger Ailes told a network host.
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    Anticipating Big Super Tuesday, Trump Mulled Skipping Next Fox News Debate But the Donald’s long-awaited face-off with Megyn Kelly will apparently happen after all.
  41. Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Is Not Afraid of Fox NewsThis war is tearing this country’s right-wing blowhards apart.
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    Fox News Statement Taunting Trump Was ‘100 Percent’ Roger AilesBut now he’s frantic to get the billionaire back into the Thursday-night debate.
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    Rupert Murdoch Reasserts Control Over Fox NewsMurdoch is looking over Roger Ailes’s shoulder.
  44. What Happened to That Meeting Between Donald Trump and Roger Ailes?There hasn’t been one — and it doesn’t look like there will be. 
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    Don’t Expect a Lasting Truce in the Trump–Fox News War “Roger Ailes can’t turn back. The entire credibility of Fox as powerbroker rests on Trump being destroyed.”
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    How Donald Trump and Fox News Went Back to WarHostilities resume.
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    Donald Trump and Roger Ailes Make Up — for Now A truce to prevent Trump from potentially damaging the Fox News brand.
  48. The Trump Campaign Has Descended Into Civil WarLeft unchecked, the dysfunction threatens to undermine the Donald’s core message: his management acumen. 
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    Jon Stewart: Obama Meeting Wasn’t a Secret, But Roger Ailes Meeting WasApparently the Fox News CEO told him, “This conversation never happened and if you say it did, I’ll deny it.”
  50. On Trump, Murdoch Has Lost Control of Ailes, FoxHas Fox News spun out of the media mogul’s control?
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