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    A Death on the Field Couldn’t Stop the NFL NowThe league is at a point where it can weather any problem, no matter how grotesque.
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    Loathed NFL Owner Claims to Have Dirt on Roger GoodellThe Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder has reportedly sicced private investigators on colleagues and claims his findings could “blow up” the NFL.
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    The NFL Stops Pretending to Care About Violence Against WomenDeshaun Watson’s warm welcome in Cleveland marks a return to the league’s pre-Ray Rice, look-the-other-way era.
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    Jon Gruden’s Emails Are the Tip of the IcebergHis disturbing messages are a small part of a larger investigation — one that could reveal the true rot at the center of the NFL.
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    Unfortunately, Roger Goodell Deserves Some CreditEveryone’s favorite punching bag has steered the NFL back to sheer dominance with a single-minded focus on making money.
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    The NFL Is Getting Tough on Unvaccinated PlayersRoger Goodell says teams with a COVID outbreak could face penalties and unprotected players must be tested daily.
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    Roger Goodell’s Black Lives Matter Moment Is a Sign of Trump’s WeaknessThe president never actually had that much power over the NFL. Now, he has none.
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    NFL Players, Employee Forced Goodell’s Protest Ban ApologyThe NFL commissioner apologized on Friday for the league’s ban on the protests started by Colin Kaepernick, but not to Kaepernick, and not on his own.
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    Was the NFL’s Success This Season Just a ‘Dead Cat Bounce’?After years of trouble, football got popular again in 2018. Why?
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    The NFL’s Real Problem Isn’t Kareem Hunt. It’s Roger Goodell.The NFL’s incompetence and apathy in responding to domestic violence makes it seem like the league is awash in abusers. It isn’t.
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    Roger Goodell Is the Prototypical Trump EnablerThe NFL commissioner, an empty suit staring into the middle distance, just keeps making everything worse for everyone.
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    Roger Goodell’s Wife Had a Secret Twitter Account She Used to Defend HimJane Skinner Goodell didn’t like the media’s treatment of her husband.
  13. NFL Looks Ready to Capitulate to Trump on Anthem ProtestsAt first, Trump’s bluster at the NFL over anthem protests seemed to be backfiring. But threats to the wallet seem to have made their mark.
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    By Staying Silent, Roger Goodell and the NFL Have Come Out on TopHow the league’s arch-villain beat back a very loud chorus of critics.
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    Appeals Court Rules That Tom Brady’s Deflategate Suspension Is Back OnFifteen months later, Deflategate is still happening.
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    Roger Goodell Could Be Stripped of His Power to Discipline PlayersA report says the NFL and its players association are working toward a deal that would create a new system.
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    5 Key Passages From Tom Brady’s Newly Released Deflategate TestimonyUnder oath, the quarterback denied any wrongdoing.
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    NFL Upholds Tom Brady’s 4-Game Deflategate SuspensionBrady loses his appeal.
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    Tom Brady Will Reportedly Sue the NFL If His Suspension Isn’t Fully OverturnedRoger Goodell’s decision on his appeal could come soon.
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    Ray Rice Is Free to Play Professional Football Again And Janay Rice releases her account of the night her husband knocked her out.
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    Adrian Peterson Suspended for at Least the Remainder of the SeasonHe won’t be considered for reinstatement before next April.
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    Adrian Peterson Reaches Plea Deal, Will Avoid Jail TimeHe’ll pay a fine, be placed on probation, and perform community service.
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    What Bud Selig Hath Wrought — and Not Just in BaseballHe forever changed what it means to be a sports commissioner.
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    ESPN Sick of Simmons Signature Bad-Boy AttitudeThe network explains its punishment.
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    ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons for Criticizing NFL Commissioner Roger GoodellIn ESPN’s defense, he dared them to do it.
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    NFL Players React to Goodell’s Press Conference “Listening to this is like watching a Mayweather Fight.” Defensive, in other words.
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    NFL Shares New Goodell Excuse, CBS Tries Less Offensive Ray Rice ResponseIt scrapped the Rihanna intro to tonight’s game.
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    The NFL Admits It Let Ray Rice Off Easy“I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will.”
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    NFL Commissioner Would ‘Absolutely’ Let His Son Play FootballHis theoretical son.