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  1. ink-stained wretches
    Slate Lays Off Jack Shafer; Romenesko Will RetireBudget cuts and boredom, respectively.
  2. intel
    Who Moved David Carr’s ‘Observer’?Take a walk with us through today’s headlines on Jim Romenesko’s invaluable media-news roundup, won’t you? It’s the day after the New York Observer introduced its drastically different, long-tabloid design, part of new owner and publisher Jared Kushner’s plan to turn the paper into something slightly different and perhaps even profitable. On Romenesko’s site, you’ve got Steve Rattner, once a Times reporter and now a gazillionaire financier, writing in The Wall Street Journal about how the news business must come up with new models if it is to survive and thrive. (New models, like the Observer is introducing!)