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Romney’s Tax Returns

  1. romney’s tax returns
    Harry Reid Not Satisfied by Romney Tax Dump“When will the American people see the returns he filed before he was running for president?”
  2. Mitt Romney’s Charitable Giving Suddenly Not Private at AllAt the RNC tonight, Mike Huckabee slammed Joe Biden for giving so little to charity, and praised Romney.
  3. romney’s tax returns
    Paul Ryan Paid a Higher Tax Rate Than Mitt Romney Because He’s Less RichWhat we learned from the vice-presidential candidate’s 2011 and 2010 tax returns.
  4. Obama Asks Romney for Three Years of Tax ReturnsRomney says no.
  5. ann romney
    Ann Romney: No More Tax Releases“The more we release, the more we get attacked.”
  6. Mitt Romney Looked Back at His Taxes for Us, Says They Are Normal“Over the past ten years I never paid less than 13 percent.”
  7. stuck in the mittle
    Huntsman Sr. Says He’s Not Reid’s Source“I feel very badly that Mitt won’t release his taxes and won’t be fair with the American people.”
  8. stuck in the mittle
    Obama Campaign Speculates That Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes in Latest AdHarry Reid’s non-imaginary source has infiltrated the campaign.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Again Insists He Paid Taxes Every YearSo why won’t he prove it?
  10. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Insists Dude Who Told Him Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes Isn’t ImaginaryTyler Durden: not the Bain investor he’s referring to.
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Unsure If His Tax Rate Is Less Than 13.9%If he’d overpaid his taxes, “I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president.”
  12. stuck in the mittle
    McCain ‘Personally Vouches’ for Romney’s ReturnsBut he still doesn’t think Romney should release them.
  13. stuck in the mittle
    Why National Review Is Wrong on Romney’s TaxesWhy the conservative magazine might be horribly wrong. 
  14. ad wars
    Obama Ad Questions Romney’s Tax MysteryWe don’t know because Romney hasn’t released them!