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Ron Wyden

  1. big tech
    How Do You Solve a Problem Like Elon Musk?The jokes get worse, and he only gets richer.
  2. pivot
    The Reasoning Behind That Elon Musk Twitter PollThe Tesla CEO may have had an ulterior motive here.
  3. paid leave
    This Is the Year We Pass Paid LeaveIt’s a policy whose time has finally come.
  4. politics
    Crypto-Amendment Fight Holds Up $1 Trillion Infrastructure PackageThe cryptocurrency industry is throwing its weight around in D.C. amid an attempt to require increased tax compliance.
  5. coronavirus stimulus
    GOP Hopes to Revive Economy by Making Life Harder for UnemployedA partisan divide over whether jobless people should be poorer has thrown the next coronavirus relief package into jeopardy.
  6. coronavirus
    Dems Get Some of the Election Funding They Wanted in Coronavirus Stimulus BillBut Pelosi and Schumer didn’t secure the money or a mandate for universal access to voting by mail.
  7. vision 2020
    What If Trump Tried to Cancel the November Election?Trump can’t really cancel a constitutionally mandated general election, but could make voting difficult and trigger a court fight and a fresh crisis.
  8. Trump’s Choice to Lead CIA Oversaw ‘Black Site’ Interrogation ProgramGina Haspel reportedly oversaw the waterboarding of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and the destruction of interrogation tapes.
  9. HHS Secretary Calls Blatant Violation of Health Care Law a ‘Cry for Help’In what’s supposed to be a law-and-order administration, HHS’s tolerance for Idaho’s efforts to nullify the Affordable Care Act is astonishing.
  10. CHIP Extension Dangerously Delayed Past Expiration DateWhat should have been a no-brainer is getting complicated and dangerous for the 9 million kids and pregnant women covered by CHIP.
  11. Senate to Hold Phony Graham-Cassidy Hearings So They Can Pretend to DeliberateJohn McCain is troubled by the Senate’s rushed consideration of health-care legislation. So the GOP is cooking up some bogus hearings for him.
  12. Blue-Slip Tradition, Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Right-Wing Judges, in PerilThe century-long tradition of requiring approval of judicial nominees by home-state senators could soon be scrapped under pressure from conservatives.
  13. Clapper Answered Wyden in ‘Least Untruthful’ WayHe admits it might have been “too cute by half.”
  14. early and awkward
    Did the Director of National Intelligence Lie?Watch it. 
  15. John Brennan Says Administration Agonizes Over Drone StrikesAnd uses them only as a “last resort.”
  16. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Could Ron Wyden’s Cancer Endanger the Democratic Agenda?He may miss some key votes over the next week.