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Rosanna Scotto

  1. gross things
    Good Day New York Anchor Refuses to Stop Ogling His Co-Worker On-AirIt’s Ray Kelly’s son, Greg. 
  2. media
    Greg Kelly Had ‘a Tough Couple of Weeks’The Fox 5 host returned to television today after being investigated for but not charged with rape.
  3. party lines
    Katie Couric, Joan Rivers Talk MoneyWe asked the guests at Joan Rivers’s party for her new show ‘How’d You Get So Rich’ about being loaded in Manhattan.
  4. gossipmonger
    Leighton Meester Is a Text AddictThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star spent a party in her honor on her BlackBerry, and more bad behavior in our daily gossip roundup.
  5. 21 questions
    Rosanna Scotto Hates the Scale and the Doctor Who Made Her Step on ItThe newest host on ‘Good Day New York’ gets grilled with our patented questionnaire.
  6. morning hellivision
    Jodi Applegate Out, Rosanna Scotto in at ‘Good Day New York’The show’s strategy for fixing its flagging ratings? Take someone from late night and start forcing them to get up early.