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  1. feuds
    Prince Harry Is Lucky Donald Trump Isn’t His GrandparentThe celebrity-obsessed ex-president says the queen should’ve stripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles and refused to let them visit.
  2. sex trafficking
    Here Are Photos of Trump With Prince Andrew, Whom He Says He Doesn’t KnowTrump said he didn’t know the British royal Tuesday, but there are pictures of them together from a few months ago, and from 2000.
  3. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Used Lorde’s ‘Royals’ As His Victory Song“We’ll never be royals.”
  4. love
    Prince Harry Has a New Blonde in His LifeShe’s very pretty, with “not much to say.”
  5. royal robots
    Britain’s Prince Philip: Still a Jerk, After 90 Years“Do you still throw spears at each other?”
  6. two princes
    Prince Harry Made Kate Middleton Tear UpHis best-man speech went over well.
  7. royals
    Bahrain’s Crown Prince Decides to Flake on the Wedding of the Year, After AllHe’s avoiding “a potentially awkward situation.”
  8. family affairs
    Rowan Atkinson, 40 Foreign Royals to Toast William and Kate Together“Mr. Bean” is on the guest list.
  9. heroes
    Arguably Cuter Prince Promoted to Captain in the British Army“With his success at training on the high-tech Apache attack aircraft, Captain Harry Wales is ready for the next stage of his training.”
  10. royals
    Princess Madeleine Finds East Village Prince CharmingEveryone, meet Chris O’Neill.
  11. blobs
    Queen Elizabeth Is a Great-Grandmother NowShe’s the first British monarch to be a great-grandparent in a hundred years.
  12. the brits
    ‘I Do Think This Was the Classic Example Where the Prince of Wales Should Have Been Using His Armoured Bentley — It’s Far Less Conspicuous’That’s former royal-protection officer Ken Wharfe talking to the BBC about Prince Charles and Camilla’s close call last night.
  13. royal pains
    When Saudi King Abdullah Sits Around the Hospital, He Sits AROUND the HospitalDon’t try to go to New York Presbyterian this week, you fancy Upper East Siders.
  14. royals
    Prince William Finally Popped the QuestionDear reader, would you believe she said, “Yes!!”?
  15. royals
    Prince Albert EngagedCharlene Wittstock has landed Monaco’s bachelor monarch.
  16. princess victoria
    Swedish Princess Marries Her Personal TrainerTheir love survived her royal father and the public.
  17. the gayness of intel
    Report: Prince William to Wed Kate Middleton in $40 Million CeremonyThat’s what ‘Star’ says, anyway.
  18. royals
    America to Have Two Fergies, for GoodThe Duchess of York is threatening to leave the United Kingdom for good.
  19. royals
    Duchess of York Admits to Accepting Money to Set Up Meeting With Prince Out of Financial DesperationOh, Fergie, Fergie, Fergie.
  20. royals
    There’s a Swedish Princess Hiding Out in New York!She is healing her broken heart.
  21. photo op
    We Have Some Questions About This Hello! Magazine Cover of Prince WilliamWasn’t he blond the last time we saw him?
  22. photo op
    It Was Either This or Try That New Trend of Rapping on the Subway Prince Charles shot hoops in Harlem yesterday, and we just can’t get enough of the photos. That’s all. The Prince, in the City, Dribbled and Scores [NYT] Earlier: Next on NPR: Sometimes Panhandlers Ask for Money on Subway Cars
  23. the morning line
    So Much for the Hill-Rupe Alliance • Hillary stumps in Iowa — hey, the caucus is only twelve months away — and the Post is already scandalized. See, Hillary rolled her eyes when asked if she can handle “evil men” — and we all know what that means. [NYP] • Remember Efrain Gonzalez, the Albany politician who funneled children’s-charity funds into vacation houses and custom cigars? Turns out Gonzalez is, at least, as cruel to his own children as to others’: He has “virtually abandoned” his disabled son, an ex-wife says. [NYDN] • Charles and Camilla’s itinerary for the weekend New York visit included watching Harlem kids perform Shakespeare, picking up an environmental award from Al Gore, and getting photographed shooting hoops (one of the two princely shots went in). [WABC] • The new contract between public-school teachers and the city had an interesting side effect: Teachers will now be making more than principals, who aren’t part of the same union. The latter aren’t happy (especially now that Bloomberg wants to give them more authority). [NYT] • And thousands ran the “Idiotarod” from Greenpoint to Queens on Saturday — a bizarro race wherein costumed participants, tied to shopping carts, throw edibles at each other. The official winner is not yet known, so we’ll just go ahead and call it for Hillary. [