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  1. international affairs
    Putin Targets U.S. Media Outlets With ‘Foreign Agent’ LawIn retaliation for the U.S.’s designation of RT as a foreign agent.
  2. Flynn Misled Pentagon About Russia Payments, Top House Democrat SaysIn December 2015, Flynn accepted $45,000 from a Kremlin-backed media company. Two months later, he denied receiving any foreign income.
  3. Kremlin Tells State Media to Cut Back on Pro-Trump PropagandaLast month in Russia, Trump received more media attention than Putin.
  4. RT Briefly Took Over C-Span’s Online Feed This AfternoonC-Span says it was most likely the result of an “internal routing issue.”
  5. oh russia
    Kremlin Propaganda Channel RT Launches a Propaganda-Themed U.S. Ad CampaignOn RT, TV watches you.