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Rudy Eugene

  1. zombie nation
    Miami Cannibal Victim on Rudy Eugene: ‘I Thought He Was a Good Guy’What he told police about the attack. 
  2. zombie nation
    Miami Cannibal Could Have Been on Some Newfangled, Undetectable Drug“There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on.”
  3. zombie nation
    The Miami Cannibal Was High on … Weed?Not bath salts, according to the toxicology report.
  4. insane things
    Site of Florida Face-Eating Is Now a Tourist AttractionDefinitely not family-friendly.
  5. miami cannibal
    Old Friends Never Expected Rudy Eugene to Strip Naked and Eat Someone’s Face“This type of behavior is very unexpected.”
  6. insane things
    Apparently LSD Can Turn You Into a Face-Eating Zombie NowThis is but one possible explanation for an absolutely insane incident that happened in Miami on Saturday.