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  1. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani for Hire: How ‘America’s Mayor’ Makes Money These DaysHe’s in a new commercial for the nuclear power plant Indian Point, for one.
  2. colorful distractions
    Judi Giuliani: A ‘Colorful Distraction’ Since 1999Almost forgot about her!
  3. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Will Run for President If Things Get ‘Desperate’He says that’s how he got elected mayor.
  4. rudy
    Indian Point Needs a Spokesman to Offset Negative PressSo they called Rudy Giuliani.
  5. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Is Hosting ‘Mob Week’ on AMC This AugustHard to believe he’d be willing to leave such amazing opportunities behind to run for president.
  6. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Wants the GOP Out of Our Bedrooms“I don’t know what the heck the Republican Party wants to getting involved in people’s sexual lives and personal lives so much.”
  7. rudy
    It’s ‘Too Early’ to Make a Decision on Running for President, Giuliani SaysOkay.
  8. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Could Run on ElectabilityHe runs better against President Obama than even Mitt Romney in the latest Fox News poll.
  9. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Is Definitely Running, Says Person Who Often Makes Bad PredictionsBill Kristol.
  10. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Losing Presidential Elections in Other Countries NowThis one was in Peru.
  11. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Leads Poll of GOP Presidential Hopefuls!*The asterisk is key here.
  12. rudy
    If Sarah Palin Runs for President, Rudy Giuliani Just Might Have to Do So, TooRudy vs. Palin?
  13. rudy
    Breaking: Giuliani Still ThinkingHe has yet to decide on 2012.
  14. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Still Playing the 2012 Speculation GameThe ‘Post’ reports that Giuliani is thinking about running, and the former mayor doesn’t totally deny it.
  15. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Suddenly Develops Folksy LexiconGiuliani ain’t never talked like this before.
  16. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Apparently Undeterred by Terrible 2008 Presidential RunHe says “the door’s not closed” on another run.
  17. rudy
    Giuliani Won’t Run for Office Next YearNot governor. Not senator. Not anything.
  18. rudy
    Giuliani Signs on as Rio Olympics Security ConsultantRudy to do for Rio what he did for NYC.
  19. photo op
    Atlantic Yards Begins Not With a Bang But With a Bulldozer in a Snowy Lot There it is, folks: The start of demolition for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards. Reports say they’re knocking down a disused bus depot to create a temporary rail yard so that construction can begin. From the AP’s pictures, it just looks like they’re using a really big bulldozer to move some barrels and take down a chain-link fence. Either way, historic! Earlier: Bruce Ratner Swings His Ball