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Russ Feingold

  1. 2022 midterms
    Will This Be the Year Senator Ron Johnson’s Luck Runs Out?He’s a loud-and-proud yahoo running for reelection in a battleground state, but that doesn’t guarantee he’ll be an easy target for Democrats.
  2. extremism
    Conspiracy Theorist Ron Johnson the New Model for Swing State GOP SenatorsSenators from battleground states used to be mostly moderates. Johnson has gone sharply the other way, making wild claims about the Capitol riot.
  3. 2018 elections
    Leah Vukmir’s Victory in Wisconsin Is a Rare Win for Republican WomenThe veteran conservative state legislator will now face incumbent Democrat Tammy Baldwin in another uphill race in Wisconsin.
  4. 2018 elections
    Scott Walker and Tammy Baldwin Prepare for a November Slugfest in WisconsinDemocrats will choose an opponent for longtime nemesis Scott Walker while Republicans are staging a pricey primary to challenge Tammy Baldwin.
  5. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Special Election Was a Terrible Omen for the GOPRepublican Governor Scott Walker doesn’t seem too confident.
  6. early and often
    Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl Is RetiringHe’s the sixth Democrat to forgo reelection.
  7. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 20A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  8. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 13A look at where the race for Congress stands today.
  9. flotus
    Michelle Obama Hits the TrailShe will make her 2010 campaign debut in Milwaukee today by hosting three fund-raisers.
  10. health carnage
    Who’s to Blame for the Death of the Public Option?President Obama, if you ask Senator Russ Feingold.
  11. early and often
    Senator Feingold Is Not Amused by These Appointment ShenanigansRuss Feingold wants a constitutional amendment ending the practice of gubernatorial Senate appointments. But maybe they’re too much fun?