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Russia Hacking

  1. foreign policy
    White House Objects to Russian Hacking That Doesn’t Benefit TrumpThe Trump administration’s vow to punish Russia for a ransomware attack last year contrasts with its blasé approach to its meddling in our elections.
  2. Trump May Lift Sanctions on Russia to ‘Give Collaboration’ a ‘Chance’Sebastian Gorka says the White House may give back Russian diplomatic compounds that the U.S. seized to punish the Kremlin’s election interference.
  3. Trump Picks Putin Critic for Top Position on Russia Policy“Blackmail and intimidation are part of his stock in trade,” the White House’s new senior director for Europe and Russia wrote of Putin last summer.
  4. CIA Chief Not Pleased That Incoming President Likened the CIA to NazisThe president-elect starts a messy, public feud with the director of the CIA, just days before inauguration.
  5. Barack Obama Says Russia Can’t Undermine Our Democracy Unless We Let ItThe threat to the republic is coming from inside the country.