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  1. the national interest
    John Durham Shows ‘Lock Her Up’ Politics Were Never About Real CrimesRepublicans want to send people to jail after Durham finds no crimes.
  2. the national interest
    Columbia Journalism Review Had a Different Russiagate Story — and Spiked ItThe curious editorial decisions of a journalism watchdog.
  3. the national interest
    The Durham Probe Was Barr’s Witch HuntA shockingly unethical crusade to vindicate Trump.
  4. the national interest
    John Durham Tried to Prove Trump’s Russiagate Theory. Instead He Debunked It.Trump’s prosecutor face-plants.
  5. the national interest
    Donald Trump Asks Vladimir Putin to Smear Joe Biden AgainFive takeaways from his latest “Russia, if you’re listening” request.
  6. the national interest
    No, the Steele Dossier Did Not Invent the Russia ScandalThe report was faulty, but Trump was very, very guilty.
  7. the national interest
    John Durham’s Attempt to Discredit Trump’s Russiagate Enemies Is Falling ApartThe prosecutor omitted key evidence from his indictment.
  8. the national interest
    Giuliani Proves Republicans Think Russian Collusion Is FineThe latest strange turn in the “Russia collusion hoax.”
  9. the national interest
    Russia Keeps Bribing Foreign Politicians. Is Trump Different?Another payoff exposed, this time in Ukraine, that looks just like Trump’s Moscow deal.
  10. the national interest
    An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does It Matter?Revisiting the Trump-Russia mystery in light of the newest revelation.
  11. the national interest
    Trump Completes Russiagate Cover-up by Pardoning Paul ManafortStill not a hoax.
  12. the national interest
    William Barr’s Double Standard: Mueller’s a Crook and Trump Is InnocentThe FBI was wrong to investigate Trump even if it followed the law.
  13. the national interest
    Trump Won’t Denounce Russian Hack Because He’s Still Subservient to PutinTrump’s only comment on Russia this week is to denounce the “Russia hoax.”
  14. clemency
    Trump Pardons Michael Flynn in End-of-Term Attack on Russia InvestigationA little dose of payback from the departing president.
  15. the national interest
    Trump’s Absurd ‘You Did It First’ Argument for Stealing the ElectionNo, the Mueller investigation is not like what Trump is doing now.
  16. the national interest
    I Have This Crazy Theory Trump’s Campaign Is Colluding With Russia Right NowPeople who are certain there was No Collusion also pretty sure Russia didn’t hack Hunter Biden.
  17. the national interest
    Rudy Found Biden Emails That Totally Weren’t Stolen by RussiaUnless Trump’s lawyer is cooperating with a Russian hack-and-leak October surprise? Nah.
  18. the national interest
    Barr Tried to Charge Trump’s Deep State Enemies for the Russia Probe. He Failed.What if the Obama-Biden coup wasn’t real?
  19. the national interest
    Bipartisan Senate Report Shows How Trump Colluded With Russia in 2016Trump and his advisers acted guilty because they were.
  20. 2020 elections
    Tuberville Ends Jeff Sessions’s Political Career in Alabama Primary RunoffThe former Auburn coach isn’t a cinch against Democratic senator Doug Jones, but he did dramatically reverse Sessions’s once dazzling success.
  21. obstruction of justice
    Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone, Who Refused to Testify Against HimThe president has made sure that his loyal friend and longtime collaborator will not face justice after he was convicted of obstructing justice.
  22. the national interest
    Even the ‘Innocent’ Story of Trump’s Response to the Russian Bounty Is DamningThe best-case scenario is that Trump’s advisers are scared to tell him anything bad about Putin.
  23. the national interest
    Devin Nunes Loses Legal Battle With Twitter CowFake moos.
  24. the national interest
    New Transcript Shows Trump Adviser Michael Flynn Colluding With Russia in 2016Michael Flynn had good reason to lie to the FBI about his conversation with Russia’s ambassador.
  25. politics
    Trump Campaign Crooks: Where Are They Now?Checking in with Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone on the day of Michael Cohen’s release to home confinement.
  26. 2020 elections
    Obamagate Could Be the Last Nail in the Coffin for Jeff SessionsA new poll shows him trailing by more than 20 points in the race for his old Alabama Senate seat. The GOP obsession with the “witch hunt” may be why.
  27. the national interest
    William Barr Wants to Lock Up Trump’s Deep State Enemies, But Not Joe BidenThe AG triangulates between Trump and Robert Mueller.
  28. the national interest
    Trump Now Rewriting History to Deny Russia Wanted Him to Win in 2016“You can speak to Putin or anybody else — nobody has been tougher on Russian than I have,” says Trump in self-refuting claim.
  29. the national interest
    Barr’s Scheme to Exonerate Trump Crony Michael Flynn Just Hit a Brick WallFederal judge Emmet Sullivan has stood up to an extraordinary Justice Department plot to let confessed liar Michael Flynn go free.
  30. the national interest
    ‘Obamagate’ Is Trump’s Name for the Crimes He’s Trying to Commit HimselfObama was very hesitant to weaponize law enforcement and intelligence. Trump, uh, isn’t.
  31. vision 2020
    Why Trump’s Obamagate Ploy Is Doomed to FailTrump’s base is already energized. So why is he focused on outlandish Obama conspiracy theories that probably mystify swing voters?
  32. justice department
    Fed Judge: Barr Summary of Mueller Report Calls Into Question His ‘Credibility’A district judge will review all Mueller report redactions after determining that Barr’s summary of the report was “distorted” and “misleading.”
  33. roger stone
    Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months in PrisonStone was convicted last November of lying to Congress, obstructing justice, and witness tampering.
  34. the national interest
    Trump Congratulates William Barr for Eliminating Justice Department IndependenceThe Roy Cohn–ization of federal law enforcement is complete.
  35. the national interest
    Trump Floats Pardon of Russia-Scandal Accomplice Roger StoneStone promises never to “roll on Donald Trump,” lies to protect him, and now payback is on its way.
  36. russia investigation
    Prosecutors Request 7 to 9 Year Prison Sentence for Trump Surrogate Roger StoneThe longtime Republican operative could serve up to nine years for lying to Congress and for witness tampering during the Mueller investigation.
  37. the national interest
    Tulsi Gabbard and the Return of the Anti-Anti-Trump LeftThe small cadre of leftists who see the Democrats as the main enemy oppose impeachment and might help Trump win reelection.
  38. the national interest
    Trump Believed Ukraine Conspiracy Because ‘Putin Told Me’Meanwhile, Trump is still listening to Ukraine theories from Russian-financed crooks.
  39. the national interest
    Vladimir Putin, Director of Influential Pro-Trump Super-PAC, Endorses ReelectionAn important but unsurprising statement by a key Trump supporter.
  40. impeachment
    No, Democrats Aren’t Plotting to Overturn Trump Victories Past or FutureIn claiming a “coup,” Republicans may be projecting their own unwillingness to acknowledge the popular will onto Democrats.
  41. russia investigation
    Inspector General Finds Russia Investigation Wasn’t an FBI Witch HuntYes, Michael Horowitz says mistakes were made in pursuing a wiretap on Carter Page, but no political bias in investigating the Trump campaign.
  42. politics
    Attorney General Bill Barr Still Trusts Trump Over DOJ on Russia InvestigationBarr reportedly disagrees with the DOJ inspector general’s anticipated findings that the FBI was right to investigate the Trump campaign.
  43. impeachment
    Washington’s Jam-packed December Will Cast a Long Shadow on 2020With impeachment proceedings, a big DoJ report on the Russia investigation, and a possible government shutdown in play, it could get crazy.
  44. the national interest
    Trump Lackey Devin Nunes Sues Over Another News Story, Won’t Even Deny It’s TrueTrump’s top congressional defender continues his crazy lawsuit binge.
  45. steele dossier
    Fusion GPS Lights a Candle for the ‘Pee Tape’The co-founders of the intelligence firm that commissioned the infamous Steele Dossier discuss their lives as Trump targets.
  46. the national interest
    House Impeachment Might Include Charge That Trump Lied to MuellerMueller was surprisingly chill about presidential perjury, but House Democrats seem more concerned about it.
  47. politics
    Roger Stone’s Expletive-Filled, Godfather-Heavy Day in CourtHeavy swearing, a Bernie impression, multiple Godfather references — what more could jurors want from a case on the integrity of American elections?
  48. 2020 elections
    Will Trump Crush Jeff Sessions’s Senate Comeback?With Sessions ready to jump into the race for his old seat, his GOP rivals hope Trump punishes him for recusal in the Russia collusion investigation.
  49. impeachment season
    Trump’s New Impeachable Offenses Threaten Pelosi’s Narrow Focus on UkraineHow do you decide how to impeach a president who won’t stop committing high crimes and misdemeanors? That’s a tough question for House Democrats.
  50. the national interest
    Trump Is Being Impeached Because He Keeps Doing What Russia WantsTrump’s Ukraine scandal and his Syria fiasco both happen to benefit one country Trump really likes.
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