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  1. mueller time
    The Mueller EncyclopediaAn index of who’s who and what’s what to help make sense of the Mueller report.
  2. mueller time
    Everything We’ve Learned From Robert Mueller’s Investigation (So Far)Even without seeing the full report, we know plenty about wrongdoing by Trump associates and Russia’s 2016 election meddling.
  3. the national circus
    Lindsey Graham’s Claims About an Anti-Trump ‘Coup’ Are Just TrollingAndrew McCabe’s book provides more evidence that Trump’s Senate lackey is only threatening to probe the DOJ and FBI to give the president cover.
  4. the national circus
    Mueller’s Steady Stream of Russia Revelations Is Driving Trump CrazyAs we learn more about the ties between his campaign and Russia, Trump is giving new meaning to the concept of protesting one’s innocence too much.
  5. russia investigation
    Mueller’s Gone Quiet, But Expect Some Post-Midterms SurprisesRoger Stone’s maneuvering, Michael Flynn’s plea deal, and a newly unsealed Watergate document provide clues about the special counsel’s next move.
  6. russia probe
    Trump Declassifies Russia Probe Documents in Latest Attempt to Undermine MuellerIn an unprecedented move, Trump ordered the release of some material from an ongoing probe over the objections of intelligence officials.
  7. russia probe
    Why the Mueller Probe’s Papadopoulos Bombshell FizzledThe ex–Trump aide’s plea deal raised hopes that he might be the key to more 2016 election mysteries, but prosecutors say he mainly hindered the probe.
  8. the kavanaugh hearings
    Kavanaugh Can’t Hide His Slavish Devotion to Presidential PowerDespite the judge’s evasive answers on executive power, his hearings have only underscored that no one should count on him to rein in Trump.
  9. trump white house
    Trump, Angered by Growing Legal Troubles, Finds Ways to Make Them Even WorseWith allies worried that he’s ill-equipped to handle new subpoenas, or even impeachment, Trump pushed out McGahn and resumed efforts to fire Sessions.
  10. russia probe
    Trump Would Still Like to Fire Sessions, Can’t Find the Right TimeTrump has been advised not to fire Sessions before the midterms … or if Democrats win the House … or if Mueller hasn’t wrapped up his investigation.
  11. politics
    Michael Cohen Enlists Watergate’s John Dean to Signal He’s Still Willing to FlipWhy drop yet another hint? Cohen is reportedly being investigated for $20 million in bank fraud, and charges could be coming in the next two weeks.
  12. the national interest
    Trump Is Making the Department of Justice Into His Own Private Goon SquadHis purge is creating a chilling effect on law enforcement.
  13. trump white house
    Trump Revoking Security Clearances Shows He Feels Powerless Against MuellerTrump wouldn’t be attacking Brennan and threatening others if he was confident that he could make a bold move against Mueller and get away with it.
  14. russia probe
    Trump Admits Revoking Brennan’s Security Clearance Was About the Mueller ProbeTrump said it’s “something that had to be done” about the “sham” investigation, & suggested he was testing waters for a broader move against Mueller.
  15. Timing of Mueller’s Russia Indictments Wasn’t Trolling – Trump Approved ItTrump’s allies, and Russia, said Mueller was just trying to derail the Putin summit. But the White House wanted the release to come before Helsinki.
  16. Trump on Hannity: We Know There’s No Russia Collusion, Because Putin Said SoTrump suggested we should take Putin’s word on the Mueller probe, and lamented that Manafort is being unfairly targeted, just like gangster Al Capone.
  17. Peter Strzok, FBI Agent in Texting Scandal, Will Testify Before CongressHis attorney said he’s willing to testify without immunity, and “intends to answer any question put to him.”
  18. Republicans Want to Shut Mueller Down Over IG Report That Isn’t Even About HimFBI bias didn’t affect the Clinton probe … so according to Giuliani and other Trump allies, Mueller must be “suspended” immediately.
  19. DOJ Report Confirms That the President Is a Dishonest Conspiracy TheoristThe Justice Department’s inspector general finds “no evidence” that the FBI was biased in its handling of the Clinton email investigation.
  20. Sam Nunberg on What Happens When Mueller Wants to Dig Through Your PhoneThe former Trump campaign aide says the special counsel asked him about his encrypted communications, and even made him hand over old BlackBerrys.
  21. Risk of Being Mueller’s Boss Scares Off Top Justice Department CandidatesThe number-three position at the Justice Department will remain vacant for now, as no one wants to wind up overseeing the Russia probe.
  22. If Mueller Is Ever Going to Flip Manafort, Now Seems Like the TimeFederal prosecutors accused Manafort of witness tampering, which could land him in jail as he awaits trial, just as Trump cast doubt on a pardon.
  23. Giuliani’s New Tactic: Arguing Trump Can Literally Get Away With MurderOnce you’ve entertained the possibility that Trump couldn’t be indicted if he “shot James Comey,” what’s a little obstruction of justice?
  24. Trump Wanted Rosenstein to Give More Obstruction-y Reason for Comey FiringFormer FBI deputy director Andy McCabe reportedly worried that Rosenstein gave Trump “cover” by opting not to blame the Russia probe.
  25. Roger Stone Sought Clinton Emails From Assange in September 2016New emails reveal Stone sought access to stolen dirt from WikiLeaks — and recently warned an associate not to “run your mouth” to investigators.
  26. Donald Trump Comes Unglued Amid Growing Pressure From Bob MuellerHis latest freakout against the Dept. of Justice bears resemblance to his mendacious campaign promise to prosecute his political enemies.
  27. Trump Worried Aging, Loudmouth New Yorker Can’t Stay on MessageTrump is starting to wonder if a narcissistic New York celebrity can be trusted with a job as vital as lawyer to the president of the United States.
  28. The Supreme Court Will Make Trump Talk to Mueller If It Has ToIf Mueller’s effort to make Trump testify winds up before the court, expect SCOTUS to stick to the precedent set by United States v. Nixon.
  29. Giuliani Helps Trump Break Free — From His Own White House StaffGiuliani didn’t tell anyone about the strategy he plotted with the president, and now staffers fear they’re subject to the whims of two Trumps.
  30. In One Hannity Interview, Giuliani Blew Up Trump’s Arguments in 3 Legal CasesThe new head of Trump’s legal team managed to contradict his positions on the Mueller probe, the Stormy Daniels affair, and the Michael Cohen case.
  31. Trump Team Signals That He Won’t Talk to Mueller Without a FightIt appears they’re building a case that Mueller is overreaching with his questions and subpoena threat, and prepping for a long legal battle.
  32. Why Were Mueller’s Questions for Trump Leaked?The leading theories on what the release of dozens of questions, which seems to have come from Trumpworld, was supposed to accomplish.
  33. russia probe
    Giuliani Meets With Mueller, Tries to Determine If He Has an ‘Open Mind’He’s laying the groundwork to say Mueller’s bias is the problem.
  34. Everything We Learned From the James Comey MemosTrump’s House GOP allies demanded their release, though they highlight his desire to jail reporters, his McCabe grudge, and his pee-tape fixation.
  35. russia probe
    House Republicans Lay the Groundwork for Trump to Fire RosensteinTrump’s allies in the House are preparing a subpoena and threatening to impeach the deputy AG if he won’t do more to meet their demands for documents.
  36. Justice Department Watchdog: McCabe Misled InvestigatorsA newly released inspector general’s report alleges that the ex-deputy FBI chief approved a media disclosure, and then denied having done so.
  37. Mueller May Be Baiting Trump, Eyeing Early Summer Release on ObstructionHis reported plan could convince Trump to sit for an interview, and make the midterms more miserable for Republicans.
  38. Trump Lawyer Held Out Prospect of Pardons to Flynn and Manafort: ReportAs the special counsel sought their cooperation, John Dowd (reportedly) suggested that Trump would have their backs if they got convicted.
  39. russia probe
    Mueller’s Interest in Obstruction Is Probably Just the Tip of the IcebergThe obstruction case may never come, but don’t be surprised if Mueller’s effort to unravel the Trump-Russia connection yields more conspiracy charges.
  40. russia probe
    What We Know About Efforts to Set Up a Trump-Russia Back ChannelMueller reportedly has evidence that Erik Prince met a Russian official in the Seychelles to establish a link between the Trump team and Moscow.
  41. Did Trump Ask McGahn to Lie, or Did He Forget He Tried to Fire Mueller?Trump reportedly wanted McGahn to deny he gave the order, but the White House counsel insisted that he did.
  42. russia probe
    Why an Emirates Adviser’s Cooperation With Mueller May Be Terrible for TrumpGeorge Nader became close with several Trump advisers, and was present at two meetings that raised concerns about their foreign contacts.
  43. Sam Nunberg on Mueller, His Media Spree, and His Message for TrumpA late-night chat with Trump’s former campaign adviser after one long, wild day.
  44. russia probe
    Hope Hicks Only Tells White Lies for Trump, So We Can Trust Her Russia TestimonyHer dodges before the House Intel Committee, and its failure to do anything about it, underscore that the House Russia probe has become a joke.
  45. russia probe
    Robert Mueller Puts the Squeeze on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Yet AgainA new indictment accuses them of carrying out an elaborate scheme to defraud both private financial institutions and the United States.
  46. Trey Gowdy: Democrats May Be Tricking Trump Into Hiding Parts of Their MemoHe suggested Democrats might have planted sensitive information in their Nunes rebuttal because they knew redactions would make Trump look suspicious.
  47. Trump’s Lawyers Seem to Think He’s Incapable of Not LyingThey’re reportedly advising Trump not to talk to Mueller, because they’re worried he could wind up being charged with lying to investigators.
  48. Trump Decided to Release the Memo Because People on TV Told Him To: ReportsCable news coverage and talks with Sean Hannity convinced him that the Nunes memo should be declassified, before he’d even read it.
  49. russia probe
    It Appears Yet Another Trump Staffer Is Ready to Sing for MuellerMark Corallo, the former spokesperson for Trump’s legal team, will reportedly share his concerns about potential obstruction by Hope Hicks.
  50. russia probe
    Trump Overheard Saying He’ll ‘100 Percent’ Release the Nunes MemoCameras caught Trump reassuring a GOP lawmaker at the State of the Union, hours after the White House had denied that he’d decided to make it public.
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