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  1. House GOP Votes to #ReleaseTheMemo GOP Wrote to Discredit Russia ProbeRepublicans on the House Intelligence Committee decided a Democratic memo rebutting their claims should remain under wraps.
  2. Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, But His Saturday Night Massacre Failed: ReportThe president tried to get rid of the special counsel in June, but backed down when White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to quit.
  3. All the Wild Russia-Probe Developments That You May Have MissedMueller interviews Sessions, another witness may flip, and Republicans freak out about an anti-Trump “secret society,” but offer no proof it exists.
  4. Trump Reportedly Asked Acting FBI Chief Whom He Voted for, Didn’t Like AnswerDuring his chat with Andrew McCabe, Trump also complained about donations to McCabe’s wife’s campaign, which he’s falsely linked to Hillary Clinton.
  5. FBI Chief’s Reported Threat to Quit Over Trump Pressure Is Weirdly EncouragingThe part where Christopher Wray resisted calls to fire his deputy, not Trump’s continued attacks on the FBI’s independence.
  6. Why Is Trump’s Lawyer Still Pretending That the Mueller Probe Is Almost Over?After moving the deadline from Thanksgiving to January, he now predicts it will end in four to six weeks — despite evidence to the contrary.
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    Bannon Avoids Trump Testimony, Citing ‘Novel’ Definition of Executive PrivilegeEven after the House Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena, Bannon wouldn’t answer any questions about Trump’s presidency, or the transition.
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    No Sane Lawyer Would Let Trump Sit for an Interview With MuellerThe president is a walking, talking perjury trap.
  9. Trump’s Reported Push to Keep Sessions on Russia Probe Backfired SpectacularlyTrump wanted Sessions to maintain control of the probe. Now Mueller is investigating that too.
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    Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit Against Robert Mueller Is Frivolous Political TheaterManafort argues that the special counsel has no business sticking his nose in the pre-Trump campaign work he did in Ukraine. He’s wrong.
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    If Flynn Is Just a Liar, Why Did Trump Keep Defending Him?There’s a flaw in Team Trump’s reported plan to attack Flynn’s credibility: basically everything the president has said about his former adviser.
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    Mueller Probe Expected to Last Through 2018, Despite What Trump’s Lawyers SayA meeting later this week between Trump’s attorneys and Mueller’s is expected to confirm that the White House timetable is highly unrealistic.
  13. Paul Manafort Can Go Home for the Holidays, If He Brings His Ankle MonitorTrump’s former campaign chairman won’t let house arrest keep him from celebrating Christmas in the Hamptons.
  14. We Now Know FBI Agents Called Trump an ‘Idiot,’ But Not Why That’s RelevantWhile the text messages released by the Justice Department added fuel to attacks on Mueller, we still know little about their significance.
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    Every Shady, Possibly Illegal Thing Michael Flynn Has Been Accused OfFrom plotting to kidnap a Turkish cleric to talk of “ripping up” Russian sanctions, the allegations go far beyond misleading the FBI.
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    Don Jr. Cited Attorney-Client Privilege to Avoid Discussing Talks With His DadTheir lawyers were listening to the conversation, but Democrats say that’s not how attorney-client privilege works.
  17. 19 Times President Trump May Have Obstructed JusticeUnfortunately for Trump, if Mueller builds an obstruction case, it probably won’t hinge on a single erroneous tweet drafted by his lawyer.
  18. Presidential Attacks on the FBI Are Losing Their NoveltyWhile ex–Justice Department officials were upset by Trump’s tweet that the bureau is in “tatters,” the general reaction was underwhelming.
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    GOP Senators Join Long List of People Trump Pressured to End the Russia ProbeHe called the Senate Intelligence Committee chair, and a number of other GOP lawmakers, and said he wanted them to wrap up their investigation.
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    Could the Curious Case of Reza Zarrab Lead to the Downfall of Michael Flynn?Federal prosecutors have flipped the Turkish businessman accused of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions. What might he know about Flynn?
  21. Mueller Wants to Know More About the the DOJ’s Role in Comey’s FiringReports suggest the probe is starting to delve into some juicy territory … though Trump’s attorney claims it’ll wrap up soon.
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    What We Learned From Donald Trump Jr.’s WikiLeaks MessagesTrump Jr. may have acted on WikiLeaks’ suggestions and informed other senior officials that the organization had reached out to the campaign.
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    Papadopoulos Email Claims Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin’s OfficeIt’s possible the young campaign adviser was just bragging to a Russian contact.
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    Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta Steps Down Amid Mueller ProbeHe has not been charged, but reportedly said he can’t do his job while “under attack by Fox News and the right-wing media.”
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    Russia Indictments Leave Trump Allies Rattled — Contrary to the White House SpinReactions ranged from selfish relief, to frustration with Mueller, to concern about what this means for the GOP agenda — and Trump’s presidency.
  26. Former Trump Campaign Manager Indicted for ‘Conspiracy Against the U.S.’Paul Manafort and fellow Trump campaign aide Rick Gates are the first to face indictment in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
  27. Mueller Files First Charges in Russia InvestigationAnyone charged will be taken into custody on Monday.
  28. Chatting With a Relaxed Roger Stone, on the Eve of His Russia-Probe TestimonyTrump’s former adviser on the current White House staff, Paul Manafort’s fate, and what he plans to tell Congress.
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    Mueller Wants Lots of White House Documents. Trump May Be Forced to Comply.Precedents set under Nixon and Clinton leave the president with few legal options when it comes to the Russia probe.
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    Trump Using Campaign and RNC Funds to Cover Legal Fees in Russia ProbeMeanwhile, some non-billionaire White House staffers are struggling to pay their attorneys.
  31. Trump’s Lawyer Was Overheard Gossiping About Russia Probe at D.C. SteakhouseApparently Ty Cobb did not realize a reporter was nearby when he complained about the White House counsel withholding “documents locked in a safe.”
  32. White House Ethics Office Now Allows Anonymous Gifts to Staffers’ Legal FundsThe office reversed an old internal policy that could wind up helping aides caught up in the Russia probe.
  33. Kushner Keeps Winning Interpersonal Feuds, But Not Policy FightsHis latest victory: Trump apparently sided with Kushner when his own lawyers argued that his son-in-law should resign.
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    Trump Dictated Son’s Misleading Statement on His Russia Meeting: ReportSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller has already signaled that he’s looking into the Trump team’s disclosures about the meeting.
  35. Trump’s New Tactic: Expose Mueller’s (Relatively Minor) Conflicts of InterestHe’s reportedly looking into whether he can pardon himself as well.
  36. Trump Is Mobilizing for War Against the Rule of LawThe president’s lawyers warn they will not tolerate an investigation of his suspicious finances.
  37. Donald Trump Jr. Hires Lawyer for Russia InvestigationAlan Futerfas is a criminal attorney who’s worked with some high-profile defendants.
  38. Report: Russian Hackers Discussed How to Get Clinton Emails to Mike FlynnA GOP opposition researcher says he tried to obtain missing Clinton emails for Flynn — and intelligence reports support his tale.
  39. Trump Rethinks ‘Attack the Lead Investigator’ Approach to Russia ProbeTrump won’t file a complaint against James Comey for leaking (for now), as a gesture of goodwill toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  40. Trump Suggests That Russia Never Hacked the DNC, ‘It’s All ‘a Big Dem HOAX’The president is either beholden to the Kremlin, or an unstable conspiracy theorist, or both.
  41. Trump’s Voters Don’t Agree That the Russia Probe Is a ‘Witch Hunt’A plurality of Republicans think the special counsel’s investigation is “impartial” — and 75 percent don’t want Trump to fire Robert Mueller.
  42. Jared Kushner Is Looking for a Trial LawyerAs the special counsel looks into Kushner’s finances, the White House adviser is searching to add a courtroom litigator to his legal team.
  43. If the President Is Innocent, Then He Is InsaneTrump has made it impossible for Republicans to claim he is naive. Now, his behavior can only be explained by a guilty conscience or an unsound mind.
  44. Deputy Attorney General May Recuse Himself From Russia ProbeThat would leave Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand in charge. Here’s what you need to know about her.
  45. Trump Is Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice: ReportThe special counsel is interviewing senior intelligence officials to determine whether Trump’s conduct toward Comey constituted a federal crime.
  46. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Testify Before the Senate in an Open HearingThe public can tune in at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
  47. The History of Trump and Comey’s Tumultuous RelationshipComey is set to testify on how he went from having Trump’s “respect” to being dismissed as a “nut job” in less than a year.
  48. Nigel Farage Is a Person of Interest in the FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe: Report“He’s right in the middle of these relationships. He turns up over and over again.”
  49. Despite Russia Probe, Trump Considers Returning Moscow’s Facilities in the U.S.Obama made Russians vacate the compounds in Maryland and New York as punishment for their alleged election meddling.
  50. House Intel Committee Subpoenas Trump’s Longtime Lawyer and Michael FlynnThe committee issued seven subpoenas Wednesday: four related to the Russia investigation, and three concerning the “unmasking” controversy.
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