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Russia Sanctions

  1. Trump Administration Eases Sanctions on Russian Metal GiantThe sanctions against Rusal posed a significant threat to the Russian economy. It now looks like they will never be fully implemented.
  2. Trump Official: Haley at Fault for Announcing Wrong Russian PolicyIt’s tough when your boss isn’t on the same page as everyone else.
  3. Trump Reluctantly Signs Russia Sanctions BillIn a signing statement, Trump says that provisions limiting his power to alter the sanctions are unconstitutional.
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    Putin Orders U.S. to Cut Hundreds of Its Diplomatic StaffConfirming an earlier threat to retaliate against looming sanctions, Putin says that the U.S. Embassy must cut 755 personnel by September 1.
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    White House Says Trump Will Sign Russia Sanctions Bill, Avoiding Veto FightThe first major legislation passed during Trump’s presidency will be a bill he opposed and now has no choice but to sign.
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    Congress Set to Pass Trump-Proof Russia Sanctions, White House Signals SupportThe White House indicated on Sunday that the president will sign the bill rather than get into a veto fight. We’ll see.
  7. Trump May Lift Sanctions on Russia to ‘Give Collaboration’ a ‘Chance’Sebastian Gorka says the White House may give back Russian diplomatic compounds that the U.S. seized to punish the Kremlin’s election interference.
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    Putin Says Economic Sanctions Are Strengthening Russia — He’s Not Totally WrongIt would be an extremely 2017 miscalculation for liberals to fall in love with sanctions just because Trump opposes them.
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    White House Wants More Flexible Russia-Sanctions Deal From CongressIt seems the Trump administration doesn’t appreciate the Senate’s near-unanimous attempt to Trump-proof the new penalties.
  10. Senate Votes to Strip Trump’s Power to Kill Russia SanctionsBy a 97 to 2 vote, the Senate also approved new sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s regime.
  11. Treasury Denies Exxon’s Request to Ignore Sanctions and Drill for Oil in RussiaThe oil giant stood to make gobs of cash, so it requested a waiver on sanctions imposed after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
  12. Exxon Seeks Permission to Ignore Sanctions, Drill in RussiaRex Tillerson’s old company wants a waiver to work with Russia’s state-owned oil company on a variety of drilling projects.
  13. Report: Blackwater Founder in Secret Talks for Trump With Putin AssociateAn explosive new report from the Washington Post alleges the shadowy founder of the Blackwater security firm held secret talks in the Seychelles.