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    Putin Doesn’t Need a Trump Mole When He Has the InternetRumors are flying that the Kremlin is whispering in Trump’s ear — Occam’s razor suggests otherwise, given how the internet works these days.
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    Another RT Reporter Quits Over Pro-Russia PropagandaCoverage of the Malaysia Airlines crash was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
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    The Pathetic Lives of Putin’s American DupesA new breed of post-ideological stooge.
  4. everyone’s a critic
    Barbara Walters Is Not Impressed With Former RT Anchor Liz Wahl“Don’t make her a hero.”
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    Larry King Wants No Part of U.S.–Russian Media WarTo my knowledge, they’ve never edited a show,” he says.
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    Russia Today Anchor Quits On-Air in ProtestAfter a colleague criticized Russia on-air.
  7. Russia Goes Viral: How the RT Network Built a U.S. AudienceMoscow’s mouthpiece gets traction by being anti-mainstream.
  8. Russian Gays Talk ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ and Life in New YorkThings are getting weird in Moscow.
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    Julian Assange’s Talk Show Is Yet Another WikiLeaks LetdownHezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was the first underwhelming guest.
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    Julian Assange’s Talk Show Debut to Feature a Secret ‘Notorious Guest’’The launch is happening on the Kremlin-backed Russian Today channel this Tuesday.
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    M.I.A. Did the Theme Song for Julian Assange’s Talk ShowThe World Tomorrow premieres next week.
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    Julian Assange Sells Out to Russian Government [Updated]The WikiLeaks founder will air his chat show on state-run television.