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Russian Hacking

  1. the national interest
    Trump Denies Russia Is Still Targeting U.S. ElectionsThe Trump administration warns Russia is an active threat to intervene in the elections. Trump says it isn’t.
  2. pyeongchang
    Russian Spies Hacked Olympics, Pretending to Be North KoreaThe alleged attack was likely in retaliation for being banned from the Games.
  3. Russian Hacker: I Have Proof the Kremlin Ordered DNC AttackA jailed Russian says he left behind a data file showing he hacked the DNC.
  4. whistle blowers
    The Story of Reality Winner, America’s Most Unlikely LeakerShe’s not an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. She’s much more like you or me.
  5. U.S. Accuses North Korea of Instigating Vast Cyberattack“We do not make this allegation lightly, and we are not alone with our findings, either.”
  6. The Russian Hacking Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Donald TrumpThe template has been set for repeated interference in American elections.
  7. Inequality Is a Bigger Threat to Our Democracy Than Putin IsThe biggest problem with Trump’s tax cuts is that increasing the wealth of the rich is a recipe for oligarchy.
  8. Trump’s Denials of Russian Hacking Look Pretty Darn IncriminatingIf his campaign staff suspected in 2016 that Russia stole Clinton’s emails, why wouldn’t the president take the CIA’s word for it in 2017?
  9. the national interest
    Robert Mueller Just Took Away President Trump’s Best LeverageTrump’s pardons to keep his underlings quiet are suddenly worthless.
  10. the national interest
    That Russian Guy Who Attended The Trump Tower Meeting Is Almost Definitely a SpyA vernacular translation of the New York Times report on Rinat Akhmetshin.
  11. Russia Closes U.S. Properties, Cuts Embassy Staff in Retaliation for SanctionsMoscow is taking away a vacation home where U.S. diplomats walk their dogs and have cookouts.
  12. the national interest
    The Trump Tower Russian Collusion Meeting Gets Way More SuspiciousAt this point it would take a strange coincidence for hacking not to have been discussed.
  13. the national interest
    Kellyanne Conway Moves the Russian Collusion Goalposts to Undisclosed LocationOld standard: There was no contact with Russia. New standard: Collusion must be “sustained, systemic, furtive.”
  14. the national interest
    Republican Who Sought Clinton Emails Did Not Die of Natural CausesPeter W. Smith was found dead with a suicide note shortly after talking to a reporter about his plot to get Russian-hacked Clinton emails.
  15. the national interest
    Conservatives Confident Trump Is No Longer Lying About RussiaThe most recent fallback position is probably true, right?
  16. q&a
    Election Law Expert Robert Bauer on What Don Jr.’s Emails Mean for the PresidentA Q&A with the former White House counsel on what crimes may have been committed, how it affects the Russia probe, and the implications for Trump.
  17. The ‘Did They Collude’ Debate Is Over. The Only Question Now Is How Much.We’ve gone from evidence of collusion to proof.
  18. The Least the GOP Can Do Now Is Demand Jared Kushner’s ResignationKushner attended a meeting that was explicitly framed as an opportunity to benefit from Russian meddling. And he still has a security clearance.
  19. Trump Brought Up Russian Meddling at Top of Putin Meeting, Says TillersonAt a meeting than ran 90 minutes longer than expected, Trump and Putin discussed Russian interference in U.S. elections, the secretary of State says.
  20. the national interest
    Trump: Obama Should Have Punished Putin, Who Might Be InnocentThe president displays his signature alt-arguments on the international stage.
  21. the national interest
    Stop Assuming Trump Is Innocent of Russian CollusionA new Wall Street Journal report means the president has lost the benefit of the doubt.
  22. cybersecurity
    Report: Trump Has Done Next to Nothing to Prevent Future Election HackingThe Trump administration doesn’t seem to be taking the threat of future Russian election interference very seriously.
  23. Master Troll Vladimir Putin Offers Comey Political Asylum“We would be ready to offer political asylum to Mr. Comey if he is persecuted in the U.S.,” the Russian president said.
  24. Leaked NSA Report Suggests Russian Hacking Could Have Affected Election Itself“Comey Week” in Washington just got a little more intense.
  25. Putin Tells U.S. ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy,’ Compares Hacking Rap to Anti-SemitismHe also suggested election-meddling “hysteria” was cooked up by embarrassed Dems.
  26. Putin: Maybe Election Hackers Were Just Freelance Russians Pissed Off at AmericaThe Russian president compared the hackers to artists “who wake up in the morning in a good mood and start painting.”
  27. french presidential race
    On Eve of French Presidential Election, Macron Campaign Claims It Was HackedSome security experts believe the attack came from the same Russia-linked hackers who sought to disrupt the U.S. election.
  28. White House Officials Alerted Nunes to Incidental Surveillance of Trump TeamLast week, Nunes directed attention away from his own investigation into Russia by suggesting that Trump’s team had been improperly surveilled.
  29. Schiff Says Nunes Canceled Russia Hearing to Protect TrumpThe Republican House Intelligence chair abruptly canceled an open hearing Friday. The committee’s ranking Democrat cries foul.
  30. Republican Leading Russia Investigation Admits ‘Duty and Obligation’ to TrumpDevin Nunes, who worked on the Trump transition, is having trouble letting go of old allegiances.
  31. Comey Confirms FBI Investigation Into Russia’s Election Meddling and Trump TiesThe FBI director also said there’s no evidence that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.
  32. Chuck Schumer Demands Sessions Resign for Misleading CongressMeanwhile, some GOP lawmakers are calling for the attorney general to recuse himself from any investigation of Russian hacking.
  33. This Obscure Story That Should Be Huge Shows How Trump Gets Away With ItThe House has voted to bury investigations into massive scandals, and hardly anybody will ever know about it.
  34. Comey Won’t Tell House Dems Whether the FBI Is Investigating Trump’s Russia TiesAfter publicly commenting on the FBI’s Clinton investigation before the election, Comey won’t privately discuss its intelligence on Trump.
  35. the national interest
    Trump Invents New Fallback Lie on Russian Hacking“Okay, maybe the Russians did it, but we know it had no effect.” Uh, no, we don’t.
  36. After Intelligence Briefing, Trump Promises to Prioritize CybersecurityBut he did not concede Russia’s culpability in the hack of the DNC, and insisted cyberattacks had “no effect on the outcome of the election.”
  37. Trump Calls Attention Paid to Russian Hacking a ‘Witch Hunt’The president-elect is also calling for an investigation into intelligence leaks to NBC.
  38. the national interest
    Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and the Control of the Republican MindThe cruelest, most condescending, and also devastatingly correct indictment of Donald Trump’s supporters was uttered by Trump himself.
  39. cybersecurity
    Alleged Russian Malware Found on Vermont Utility’s LaptopIt’s not clear how the malicious code got on the computer, but the power grid was not compromised.
  40. International Intrigue Near Long Island’s Gold CoastIs the loss of prime real estate the biggest punishment for Russian election meddling?
  41. the national interest
    Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson Unite to Dismiss Russian Hacking AllegationsThe far-right and far-left join forces against the liberal media and its pro-Democrat, anti-Russian bias.
  42. Russia’s Attempt to Hack the RNC Was Thwarted by a Spam FilterRepublicans didn’t even know about the attempt until the DNC hack was revealed.
  43. CIA and FBI Now Agree: Russians Hacked to Help TrumpEarlier reports that the FBI disagreed with CIA findings that one aim of Russian hacking was to help Trump have now been overturned.
  44. The Government Agency in Charge of Voting Systems Was Reportedly HackedA cybersecurity firm says the U.S. Election Assistance Commission was breached by a “Russian-speaking actor.”
  45. early and often
    House Intelligence Committee Chairman: No New Probe on Russian Election MeddlingDevin Nunes doesn’t think we need another probe into election meddling, but he will be keeping a close eye on Barack Obama.
  46. early and often
    Bolton Says That Election Hacks Could Be the Work of the Obama Administration“We just don’t know.”
  47. the cyber
    Obama Also Wants to Know What the Russians Were Up to During the ElectionPOTUS has ordered a full review of potential meddling.