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Russian Interference

  1. Trump Made an Absurd Attempt to Walk Back His Comments From the Putin PresserTrump is trying to make us forget his pathetic Helsinki press conference, but those supine images of him with Putin are well-nigh indelible.
  2. DNC Sues Russia and Trump Aides for Conspiring to Hack Its EmailsThe DNC is seeking millions in damages — but its primary aim may be to create a new source of legal and political jeopardy for Trump’s team.
  3. The Comey Memoir’s Most Damning Allegation Against TrumpAfter Comey briefed Trump’s team on Russian interference, they asked no questions — but rather, discussed how to “spin” the revelations.
  4. Breaking News: Putin to Run for Reelection!Putin will soon challenge Josef Stalin’s all-time record for hegemony in Moscow.
  5. Trump’s Win Wasn’t Fair or Democratic — But It Was ‘Legitimate’Hillary Clinton should not compete with Donald Trump in expressing contempt for a flawed but perfectly lawful system of elections.