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Russian Spies They’re Just Like Us

  1. russian spies they’re just like us
    Anna Chapman Meets With Vladimir Putin, Sings to Live Music“We talked about life. We sang.”
  2. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman: ‘It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times’The spy speaks.
  3. know-it-alls
    Some of Spies’ Neighbors Knew They Were Spies All Along, Duh “It was at that point at which I said, ‘Oh yeah, my father came from Odessa’” — a city in the former USSR — and “I saw her eyes widen, I swear, I saw a definite emotional reaction.”
  4. spies like us
    Russia to U.S.: How Dare You Bust Our Secret Ring of Idiot Clown Spies?This could jeopardize our strategic arms agreement!
  5. russian spies they’re just like us
    Russian Spies Met at Fort Greene Coffee Shop, Grumbled About Work StuffThey were just like us!