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Rutu Modan

  1. intel
    Editor-Impersonating Party Crasher Switches Publishers Priyantha Silva, the notorious Sri Lankan–born party crasher known for his loud shirts, heavy boozing, and a tendency to impersonate Condé Nast editors, has found a new M.O. Now he’s impersonating Hearst editors.
  2. gossipmonger
    Warner Bros. Doesn’t Care About African AmputeesWarner Bros. has not provided African amputee kids with prosthetics, despite promises. Liz Smith doesn’t understand why the press is being so hard on Madonna, nor did she call her own editors to ask. Anna Nicole Smith’s estranged sister thinks Anna Nicole is to blame for her son’s death. Ralph Lauren wants to open a club in the Hamptons. Michelle Williams bought cupcakes. Lyor Cohen hit a hole in one at Shinnecock, didn’t tip his caddie. Tupac Shakur went to Julliard. Ed Burns regrets turning down acting jobs. When Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. shot Fur’s sex scenes, only the director and cinematographer were in the room. O.J. Simpson isn’t writing a book. A Long Island plastic surgeon put implants in a Playboy playmate, saw business boom. Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis might be dating his ex-girlfriend. Kate Hudson bought baby clothes and is shopping for a house for Chris Robinson. Actress Diora Baird is tried of playing strippers, can lap dance well. Rapper The Game once got dumped on a game show. Heather Graham and her boyfriend are still dating. Cindy Adams doesn’t like going to the Hamptons.
  3. the morning line
    Remains Remain at Ground Zero • Searchers found at least 18 more human bones in manholes around ground zero on Sunday, bringing the total of human remains found in the past week to 114. The families of victims are, needless to say, not thrilled. [Newsday] • Alan Hevesi’s challenger for state comptroller — you know, the guy who pointed out Hevesi was using a state employee to chauffeur his wife — lied on a mortgage application in 1993. Dems push the story, voters yawn. [NYDN] • At a public hearing tomorrow, the debate over whether to allow a 30-story Norman Foster glass tower on the Upper East Side will likely turn even nastier. Nothing like a little out-of-context architecture to get the neighbors all riled up. [NYP] • Anna Wintour was named editor of the year by Advertising Age, as Vogue is actually growing while rivals are sputtering. [NYP] • Episcopalians in Connecticut are now okay with gay marriages. Worldwide Anglicans soon not to be okay with Connecticut, one presumes. [NYT] • The law firm Milberg Weiss, which has been under indictment for allegedly paying off plaintiffs in more than 150 lawsuits over the years, has managed to attract a new senior partner. Someone will have to run the place if the old partners go to jail. [NYT]
  4. it happened this week
    Double Your Fun Dualities abounded last week in the town so nice they named it twice. The Mets lost Game 7 by a deuce, even after Endy Chavez’s miraculous catch turned a two-run homer into a double play. “I thought, She looks just like me,” Madonna said of the child she snagged on her orphan-shopping excursion to Malawi last week (she’s made up her mind, she’s gonna keep the doppelgänger). Then she declared her desire for an encore African adoption. President Bush threatened to put North Korea’s Kim Jong Il on double-secret probation if he detonated a follow-up nuclear weapon. When Janus-faced lawyer Lynne Stewart, found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to provide material aid to terrorists for smuggling out messages from the mastermind of the original Twin Towers bombing, Omar Abdel-Rahman, received just over two years’ prison time, she boasted, “I could do it standing on my head!”
  5. vu.
    Apartment-Hunting in GramEaVillionSquareThe patch of downtown Manhattan from East 14th Street to East 18th Street and between Irving Place and Second Avenue shape-shifts to suit the mood of brokers trying to sell their properties there. If they want to exude refinement, they call it Gramercy; others choose to glom on to the hipster vibe of the East Village or capitalize on the poised-for-luxury rep of Union Square. Whatever its nom de guerre, the nabe’s worth a visit, both for the chance to troupe in and out of all sorts of buildings — the housing stock is diverse, including high-rises, low-slung tenement-style buildings, prewars, and townhouses — and for the hope of finding the perfect apartment. Fuel up at the Greenmarket at Union Square when your energy flags. Here are some spaces to check out.
  6. in other news
    Ask a Newsstand Guy: Even More Cig Taxes? New York’s pricey smokes might be getting even pricier, with word in today’s Post that the city wants to raise its cigarette tax — currently $1.50 per pack — by another 50 cents. We stopped by Mushtaf Ahmed’s newsstand, at Third Avenue and 49th Street, where — as a stream of customers stopped by for sodas, candy, and cigarettes — we asked him what this will mean for the city’s smokers. Do you think you’ll be selling fewer cigarettes? I think definitely the people who generally smoke less, occasional smokers, it affects them, because anybody who smokes occasionally, they will stop. But anyone who is habitual or addicted, he will smoke. The chain smoker won’t stop, but the people who smoke a little will stop.