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    Pitchfork Chief Moves to Brooklyn (Finally) Here’s more proof that New York still reigns supreme on the indie-rock scene, even seven or so years into its revival. We’ve now got Ryan Schreiber. Schreiber is the creator and editor-in-chief of Pitchfork Media — the music Website that enjoys total niche dominance and kingmaking clout in indie world — and, as of this month, he’s a New Yorker. (Full disclosure: Some of us have both written for and been reviewed by the site.) But wait, you ask, isn’t the ‘Fork famously based in Chicago, and isn’t it a kind of local institution there? Yes and yes, and it’s staying there, as is the music festival it curates. In an oh-so-21st-century twist, Schreiber will simply be running things from here. (From Park Slope — natch — to be precise.) Although invitations are sure to come, don’t expect to find Schreiber boozing at the Magician with the Lower East Side blogger royalty anytime soon; he’s telling people he plans to keep a low profile. Which, in a way, makes it even tougher for New York bands: Now they’ll have their own Frank Bruni to nervously scan the crowd for.