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  1. vision 2020
    Trump May Freak Out Florida With Green Light for Offshore DrillingFlorida Republican elected officials fear Trump’s relationship with fossil-fuel industries could lead him to a politically disastrous decision.
  2. environment
    The Trump Administration’s War on Wildlife Should Be a ScandalAmid the broader environmental damage, the eradication of certain wildlife due to farming, drilling, and hunting policies has mostly gone unnoticed.
  3. wild fires
    Ryan Zinke Finally Admits That Climate Change Is Making Wildfires WorseDays after saying California’s wildfires have “nothing to do with climate change,” the Interior Secretary changed his tone.
  4. The Endangered Species Act Is in the Trump Administration’s CrosshairsA proposed plan would focus on “reducing the regulatory burden” of the landmark law.
  5. Trump Administration Reverses Policy That Briefly Made President Seem HumaneIf you’ve been jonesing to import some elephant body parts, now’s the time.
  6. Most of the National Park Service Advisory Board Just Quit in ProtestMembers said Interior secretary Ryan Zinke refused to meet with them, and they’re concerned about Trump administration policies that ignore science.
  7. Trump’s War on the Coastal States Includes More Offshore Drilling, Less SafetyHe’s doing this despite bipartisan opposition from governors.
  8. Ryan Zinke Flew to Horse-Riding Date With Mike Pence on Taxpayers’ DimePopulism in action.
  9. hunting
    Trump Reinstates Elephant Trophy Ban, Possibly for GoodThe president had said he wanted to review whether or not killing elephants saves elephants.
  10. Trump Encourages Elephant Hunting by Lifting Ban on Trophy ImportsThe Interior Department has scrapped an Obama-era ban on bringing elephant remains back from Zimbabwe.
  11. Officials Investigating $300 Million Contract to Restore Power in Puerto RicoThe company that got the job has ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.
  12. The Interior Department Proposes Huge Hike in National Park Entry FeesDriving a car into the Grand Canyon and 15 other parks would cost $70 under this plan.
  13. If Price Is Fired, What About the Rest of Trump’s Private-Jet-Loving Cabinet?The president hinted that he might ax his embattled HHS secretary, but Mnuchin, Pruitt, and Zinke’s travel habits have come under scrutiny too.
  14. Memo: Secretary of the Interior to Recommend Shrinking 4 National MonumentsIt’s unclear how much the monuments will be trimmed back, but none would be completely eliminated.
  15. Interior Sec Won’t Eliminate Any National Monuments, But Wants to Shrink SomeInterior Secretary Ryan Zinke says he’s recommending changes to a “handful” of national monuments.
  16. Trump Moves to Increase Subsidy for Coal Mining on Federal LandsTrump wants to let coal companies pay well below market rate for the right to despoil public lands and damage the climate.
  17. Senate Confirms Montana Representative Ryan Zinke to Lead Interior DepartmentThe former Navy SEAL said in his confirmation hearing that climate change is not a “hoax,” a break with the president.
  18. Don Jr. Helped Pick the Interior Secretary Because He Likes HuntingConflict of interest? What conflict of interest?
  19. trump transition
    Trump Picks Freshman Montana Congressman to Run the Interior DepartmentOther prospects were better known and more experienced, but this former Navy SEAL was more to Trump’s liking.