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  1. Homeland’s Director on What to Expect From Season 6Expect new locations, new conflicts, and new real-life parallels in Homeland’s latest season. #ad
  2. Squarespace’s CCO on the Dos and Don’ts of Building an Effective WebsitePAID STORY: Squarespace’s CCO shares the secret to a great website. #ad
  3. Going Overboard at Work?The risqué crew of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean takes NSFW to another level. Gauge how salacious your own work antics are by taking our quiz, and see if you’re naut’ier than Ben Robinson and Co.
  4. The Best Audiobooks for MultitaskersEvery minute in New York City counts, which is why everyone finds creative ways to multitask, some good (taking conference calls on the way to the gym), some bad (eating dinner in a laundromat), and some ugly (clipping nails on the subway).
  5. An Illustrated Guide to New York City’s Modern VicesWhen it comes to New York City’s greatest vices, where does one begin?
  6. A Public TransformationCraft-beer halls fashioned out of reclaimed wood. Formerly fearsome neighborhoods that boast outdoor markets full of artisanal wares. And on the once-fearsome waterfront: an unholy expanse of glimmering new high-rises.
  7. Masters of Sex The Sexual Revolution Starts NowSeason 3 of Showtime’s Masters of Sex fast-forwards to 1966, where society is finally waking up to the sexually liberating work of Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan).
  8. Normcore Heroes: The Seinfeld CastOn a show about nothing, the Seinfeld characters’ style followed in kind. Jerry appeared like a relatable, everyday man. The snarky Elaine remained loveable thanks to her safe, librarian-casual threads. And George often donned clothes that underscore his life’s motto, “Every decision I’ve made in my entire life has been wrong.”