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  1. Which New York Neighborhood Is Your Home Design Muse?There’s a lot to love about the diverse beauty that is New York and its wonderfully varied neighborhoods. Whatever your neighborhood crush, we’ve curated pieces for your home – couches, light fixtures, decorative objects, and more – to fit the aesthetic, even if your address doesn’t actually fall within the coveted confines
  2. The Ultimate Commuter’s Survival GuideIt’s a noisy world out there.
  3. Going Overboard at Work?The risqué crew of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean takes NSFW to another level. Gauge how salacious your own work antics are by taking our quiz, and see if you’re naut’ier than Ben Robinson and Co.
  4. A Six-Pronged Argument for Buying a Tiffany Engagement RingA six-pronged argument for buying a Tiffany engagement ring.
  5. A Peek at the Chic of 1973: The Hottest Bars, Clubs, and Art SpacesLooking back a few decades, 1973 might have been one of the most exciting years to live in New York City.
  6. Top 10 Cities With the Longest CommutesThat trek between work and home fondly known as “the commute” can get your day off to the best—or the worst—start.
  7. The Best Audiobooks for MultitaskersEvery minute in New York City counts, which is why everyone finds creative ways to multitask, some good (taking conference calls on the way to the gym), some bad (eating dinner in a laundromat), and some ugly (clipping nails on the subway).
  8. A+E Networks: Shining a Lights
  9. 10 Things Expats Need To Know About New Yorkby your friends at TransferWise, the clever way to send money abroad
  10. Test Your US Open KnowledgeGear up for the tourney and test your knowledge of the Grand Slam and its top players with this quiz.
  11. A Public TransformationCraft-beer halls fashioned out of reclaimed wood. Formerly fearsome neighborhoods that boast outdoor markets full of artisanal wares. And on the once-fearsome waterfront: an unholy expanse of glimmering new high-rises.
  12. Normcore Heroes: The Seinfeld CastOn a show about nothing, the Seinfeld characters’ style followed in kind. Jerry appeared like a relatable, everyday man. The snarky Elaine remained loveable thanks to her safe, librarian-casual threads. And George often donned clothes that underscore his life’s motto, “Every decision I’ve made in my entire life has been wrong.”