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  1. sad news
    Police Investigating Mysterious Death of Recently Elected Mayor in Alaska“There’s lots of possibilities as to what happened.”
  2. sad news
    Man Found Dead After Being Locked in Bronx Hospital Bathroom for DaysThe deceased worked at Montefiore Medical Center.
  3. sad news
    Company ‘Improves’ Bubble Wrap by Getting Rid of the Only Reason You Loved ItEven worse, it is called iBubble Wrap.
  4. today in police reports
    Porky Pileup Puts Police in a Pickle A truck with 2,200 piglets inside overturned in Ohio. 
  5. Being President Means Sleeping in Sad, Windowless Hotel Rooms Across the Globe“No matter how nice the hotel is — five stars or whatever — we usually come in the service entrance, by the dumpster, next to the back kitchen.”
  6. sad news
    Three Alarm Bronx Fire Leaves Three DeadTwo firemen were also injured.
  7. sad news
    Seven Killed in Van Crash at Bronx Zoo [Updated]The victims include three children.
  8. technology
    Diaspora* Founder Dead at 22Ilya Zhitomirskiy had been working to make a more privacy-oriented social network.
  9. sewage
    Two Die in Sewage Plant CollapseFile under: Terrible Ways to Die.
  10. japan
    The Japan Disaster Claims Its First American VictimThe teacher died after helping her students to safety.
  11. bp problems
    Lots of Dead Baby Dolphins Are Washing Ashore in the GulfIt’s an attack on cute!
  12. sad news
    Former CNN Correspondent Jerrold Kessel DiesHe was 66.
  13. sad news
    Brooklyn Tortilla Factory Worker Dies in Mixer AccidentThe factory has no history of OSHA violations.
  14. sad news
    Chicago Morning News Anchors Sad About Explosion, Their LivesA missed local event causes chaos at WGN9.