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Sad Scary Things

  1. sad scary things
    Subway Operator Hits Man, Runs From CopsThe R train Monday morning in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. 
  2. sad scary things
    Man Looking for Lost Cell Phone Dies When Hit by Roller CoasterHe had dropped the phone while riding the coaster.
  3. sad scary things
    Florida Is Home to at Least One Zombie CatHow else do you explain the fact that it crawled out of the grave
  4. sad scary things
    The Lessons of the Dallas Ebola CaseEven the smallest mistakes by hospitals can have dire consequences.
  5. sad scary things
    Teen Charged in Mass Stabbing at PA High SchoolHis lawyer says he “was not a troubled young man until this point.”
  6. Mass Stabbing Reported at PA High SchoolMultiple people were injured this morning outside of Pittsburgh.
  7. sad scary things
    Carbon Monoxide Leak Kills Man at Long Island MallAnd sickens 27 other people.
  8. sad scary things
    Another Brooklyn Snowplow Death Claims Pregnant WomanThey saved the baby, thank goodness.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Someone Got Stabbed to Death in WilliamsburgScary.
  10. sad scary things
    Victims Identified As MTA Begins Cleanup After Metro-North CrashMayor Bloomberg visits the injured in the hospital.
  11. sad scary things
    Death on the Tracks: MTA Sees Spike in Number of People Killed by Trains“I would hesitate to call it a trend,” says a spokesman.
  12. sad scary things
    Proud NYU Film School Grad Berates Street Trumpet Player“You suck!”