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  1. the most important people in the world
    The End of a Journey: The Salahis Are Getting a DivorceHow can we ever believe in love again?
  2. the least important people in the world
    Those Salahis Are IncorrigibleThey tried to crash another state dinner at the White House.
  3. the shameless
    Salahis Return With Two-Prong Plan for Commanding AttentionThe couple best known for crashing the White House now have a TV show, book deal.
  4. people who will gradually fade from existence
    Come Rub Up Against the SalahisThey’ll be hosting a party in Vegas that they’re allowed to be at.
  5. secrets of the white house
    You Might Eat With the President If You Just Randomly Show Up at the White HouseIt worked for the Dardens, a tourist couple from Georgia.
  6. white house
    Secret Service Takes the Heat for Party CrashersThree agents have been given some time off.
  7. people we probably won’t be talking about in a week
    E-mails With Pentagon Official Made Salahis Think They Were Invited to State DinnerPentagon official says they’re nuts.
  8. people we probably won’t be talking about in a week
    Congress Wants to Give the Party Crashers Some of That Attention They’re SeekingExcept it’s not the kind of attention that pays well.