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Sally Quinn

  1. stop the presses
    Everybody Isn’t In On the (Same) Joke in D.C. AnymoreExcept maybe Kim K.
  2. Mark Halperin Is a Symptom, Not a Cause, of Brain-dead Beltway Media DiseaseI’m grateful he embodied so many distasteful things about Washington.
  3. washington
    Sally Quinn Asks, ‘Did a Lack of Good Parties Shut Down D.C.’s Power Circuits?’Or maybe it was the other way around.
  4. lady business
    Komen’s CEO Nancy Brinker Under FireKaren Handel’s resignation didn’t solve her problem.
  5. Obama Administration Denies Bob Woodward’s Sordid Swapping RumorsWhich aren’t even new.
  6. secretary of awesome
    Sally Quinn Insists Clinton-Biden Switcheroo Talk Is Very RealBut why was an important line removed from her story?
  7. society bradlees
    Sally Quinn ‘Burst Into Tears’ When Her Son’s Friends Got Into Harvard and He Didn’tA ‘Vanity Fair’ report about the society doyenne contains some pretty scathing material.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Sally Quinn Banished to Web After Printing Family Gossip in ColumnApparently, not even the editor of the Washington ‘Post’ cares about why her son is getting married on the same day as her step-granddaughter.
  9. gossipmonger
    Drew Barrymore’s Garden TroublesThe actress, whom we loved in the HBO movie last weekend, has to contend with co-star Jessica Lange’s competition. Plus, the rest of today’s gossip!
  10. vu.
    Sally Quinn on Buying Grey Gardens: ‘You Had to Have Flea Collars On’The legendary Washington hostess talks about living in the infamous Hamptons manse.
  11. gossipmonger
    Britney Spears Has Apparently Not Learned Her Lesson About Backup DancersThe pop star hooked up with one of the guys on her tour.
  12. gossipmonger
    Be Prepared to Learn More About the Taleses Than You Ever Wanted to KnowMariah Carey doesn’t want you to see her eyes, Pamela Anderson gets American, and Elite modeling agency goes to Utah!
  13. gossipmonger
    Halle Is Berry SorryHalle Berry apologized for making an anti-Semitic joke as a guest on the Leno show. (NBC deleted it from the telecast.) Governor Spitzer hung out with his Horace Mann classmates at his 30th reunion. Renée Zellweger chooses to live in New York and Connecticut instead of L.A. because she hates the paparazzi out there. (She and George Clooney also send each other six-page politically charged e-mails.) Jennifer Lopez is refusing to pay a New York limo company $16,000 in fees she owes. The Devil Wears Prada producer Wendy Finerman bought a twelve-room duplex on 84th Street with her banker husband. Jay-Z says he’s not so good at retiring and blames the media for the breakup of most celebrity couples. Meryl Streep walked her puppy on the West Side Highway in sweats and a hat. Soap star Nathaniel Marston of One Life to Live was arrested for assaulting three people on Tenth Avenue in what was evidently a drug-fueled rage.