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  1. the national interest
    Salon Defense of Kazakh Election Is Finally HereSure, Kazakhstan’s 97 percent landslide election wasn’t perfect, but it’s better than our system in a lot of ways, argues author.
  2. the national interest
    Salon Writer Condemns Arithmetic As RacistWendy Davis exit polling truthers.
  3. blog-stained wretches
    Salon Gives 9/11 Truthers a Chance, Then Thinks Better of It [Updated]The site published, then pulled, an article calling 9/11 conspiracies better than Newtown ones.
  4. blog-stained wretches
    Glenn Greenwald Leaving Salon for the GuardianThe fire-breathing blogger needed a change.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    NYT Confers With Fictional Character Over ErrorThis is a very weird one.
  6. bad twitter
    Nir Rosen Shows Us How Not to Apologize“No matter what I say, I look like a jerk.”