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  1. politics
    A Guide to Congress’s Jam-Packed FebruaryDemocrats’ to-do list includes salvaging Build Back Better, reforming election laws, and avoiding a shutdown — and they know time is running out.
  2. explainer
    Why Pelosi and Moderate Democrats Are in a Standoff Over Biden’s AgendaPelosi will try to pick off enough moderate rebels to get a budget resolution passed, but she may have to cut deals and shift her timetable.
  3. 2018 midterms
    House GOP Runs High Risk in California, New Jersey, New York With Tax Bill 2.0A lot of competitive House races are in the three states where loss of the SALT deduction really made suburban swing voters mad.
  4. taxes
    Feds Crack Down on Blue-State Workarounds of Trump Tax Reform Deduction LimitsIt’s part of an ongoing GOP effort to hit coastal “elites” with the bill for reducing high-end taxes. But blue states are still trying to fight back.
  5. High-Tax States Designing Workarounds to Blunt GOP Tax Bill ImpactIn C.A., N.Y., and N.J., Democratic pols are designing “charitable contribution” schemes to maintain federal tax breaks eliminated by Trump bill.
  6. Republicans Poised for Collapse in New YorkThe historic unpopularity of Trump and the GOP tax bill have left the party without a single statewide candidate at the start of 2018.
  7. Cuomo Vows to Sue Feds Over Trump Tax Bill’s Discrimination Against New YorkersIt’s a long shot, but if Republicans deliberately targeted blue states, that could be adjudged as unconstitutional.
  8. Thanks to GOP Tax Bill, Homeowners Rushing to Prepay Property Taxes Before 2018New restrictions on the deductibility of local property taxes are driving many homeowners to pay early and get the deduction one more time.
  9. How the Trump Tax Bill Will Affect YouIt’s all pretty complicated, and it’s coming fast.
  10. Republicans Rush Toward Final Tax Bill AgreementMaybe the tax agreement isn’t that tightly wrapped, but Republicans need some positive news ASAP.
  11. GOP Donors in New York Not Enthusiastic About Their Christmas GiftThere’s unhappiness in the Hamptons with a bill that kills deductions GOP donors love without much for them in exchange.
  12. How Much Power Are Republicans Willing to Sacrifice for Their Precious Tax Bill?At this point Republicans are risking their political prospects in 2018, and beyond, for an unpopular bill.
  13. Under the Trump Tax Bill, You’d Probably Stop Itemizing Your DeductionsThe Senate tax bill massively reduces incentives for itemizing deductions, especially in places like California, New York, and New Jersey.
  14. GOP Plan Retains Special Tax Break for Owners of Golf CoursesThe Republican plan ends deductions that benefit orphans and veterans — but not the subsidy for golf-resort maintenance.
  15. News of the Weird: Ted Cruz Stands Up for Coastal Elites in Tax Bill TalksHe took aim at a key provision in the GOP’s tax bill which would mostly affect well-to-do blue-staters.
  16. Trump Tax Bill Hammers New York and CaliforniaOther than hitting the bicoastal upper-middle-class folk, the House GOP tax writers picked their fights carefully.
  17. Americans Don’t Like Trump’s Favorite Tax IdeaA lower corporate rate is the crown jewel of the GOP’s tax plan.
  18. House Budget Vote Necessary, But Not Enough, in the GOP’s Tax Cut PlansThe GOP dissenters in the House’s vote on a budget resolution setting up tax cuts indicate some potential problems ahead for the GOP.
  19. A Look at Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Blue-State Tax HikeA GOP proposal to kill the deduction for state and local taxes mostly hits high-tax, high-income blue states, but some House Republicans will object.