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  1. screen time
    OpenAI’s New Product, Sora, Is Already Producing Wild VideosIt sure seems like a big jump forward in text-to-video technology.
  2. early and often
    Dean Phillips Met Sam Altman, Then Got Awfully Interested in AIJoe Biden’s Democratic rival is suddenly getting huge support from big tech, and now he can’t stop talking about artificial intelligence.
  3. technology
    OpenAI Was Never Going to Save Us From the Robot ApocalypseThe idea that a single nonprofit could ensure that AI was developed at a “safe” speed never made any sense.
  4. technology
    Why Was Sam Altman Fired As CEO of OpenAI?After a messy few days in the world of artificial intelligence, Altman is back as CEO at OpenAI — with a new, investor-friendly board behind him.
  5. technology
    Sam Altman and OpenAI Are Victims of Their Own HypeThe reaction to his firing says more about the anxiety around artificial intelligence and whether it can actually make a profit.
  6. technology
    Sam Altman’s Job at Microsoft Will Be Harder Than EverWhat’s next after the tech coup of the century?
  7. screen time
    What Does It Mean That Elon Musk’s New AI Chatbot Is ‘Anti-Woke’?It is useful to think of public-facing AI chatbots characters with personalities. There’s a new one in the mix.
  8. tomorrow
    Sam Altman Is the Oppenheimer of Our AgeHe insists the artificial intelligence he is creating could destroy civilization even as he hastens its advancement. Do we know enough about him?
  9. tomorrow
    Congress Isn’t Ready for the AI RevolutionWhat happens when millions of people lose their jobs to computers?
  10. artificial intelligence
    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He Wants Regulation for ChatGPTAltman told the Senate it’s time for regulators to step in to check the transformative power of artificial intelligence.
  11. on with kara swisher
    Sam Altman on What Makes Him ‘Super Nervous’ About AIThe Open AI co-founder thinks tools like GPT-4 will be enormously beneficial to humanity. But he’s very wary of the downsides.
  12. select all
    Silicon Valley VCs Are Fine With Thiel’s Support of TrumpBecause he doesn’t threaten their ability to make money.