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  1. court appearances
    Introducing Court Appearances: USA v. SBFA newsletter covering the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, exclusively for New York subscribers.
  2. ftx fallout
    FTX Wants Back All the Lavish Gifts Sam Bankman-Fried Gave His ParentsThe crypto exchange filed a lawsuit claiming that Bankman-Fried’s parents received over $26 million in gifts.
  3. the money game
    Who Wants to Buy a Piece of Sam Bankman-Fried?What’s left of FTX is about to go up for auction, including billions of crypto and Bahamas real estate.
  4. crypto
    What We Know About Sam Bankman-Fried’s Life in JailHe’s not getting his vegan meals and is spending a whole lot of time with his attorneys while at the notorious MDC facility in Brooklyn.
  5. the money game
    That’s What I Call PonzinomicsWith Sam Bankman-Fried, Gisele, and a credulous Michael Lewis at the zenith of crypto hype.
  6. crypto
    Sam Bankman-Fried Jailed for Leaking His Ex-Girlfriend’s DiaryHis bail was revoked for sharing Caroline Ellison’s writings with the press, considered probable cause for witness tampering.
  7. ftx fallout
    Sam Bankman-Fried Will Be Charged With Illegal Campaign Contributions After AllProsecutors intend to pursue the allegations of illegal campaign donations as part of the money-laundering and wire-fraud charges he faces in October.
  8. ftx fallout
    Feds Say They Want Sam Bankman-Fried in Jail for Intimidating WitnessesProsecutors claim Bankman-Fried tried to “discredit” the reputation of his ex-girlfriend, who is cooperating in the case against him.
  9. crypto
    Caroline Ellison Was Having a Bad Time in the FTX EmpireNewly obtained diary entries reveal her struggles working with ex-boyfriend Sam Bankman-Fried as their crypto fraud went down.
  10. sam bankman-fried
    What Secrets Did Caroline Ellison Keep in Her Diary?She was Sam Bankman-Fried’s former girlfriend and employee. Now, prosecutors reportedly have access to her rawest thoughts and feelings.
  11. ftx fallout
    Taylor Swift Was Apparently the Only Celeb Too Smart to Fall for FTXShe was the “one” person who did her homework before bailing on an endorsement deal, according to the lawyer suing FTX’s celebrity spokespeople.
  12. ftx
    It Took a Private Eye to Find Shaq for an FTX LawsuitThe former NBA great got served.
  13. ftx fallout
    SBF’s Dad Is Paying for His Son’s Lawyers: ReportAs the legal bills pile up, Joseph Bankman is reportedly paying his son’s attorneys with money that SBF gave him from an Alameda account.
  14. ftx fallout
    Sam Bankman-Fried Charged With Offering $40 Million Bribe to Chinese OfficialsIt’s hard to believe, but the disgraced FTX founder is in even more trouble.
  15. ftx fallout
    Sam Bankman-Fried Got $2 Billion in Loans From His Own CompanyFTX’s new management said in bankruptcy court that SBF had received billions in “loans and payments” while running his alleged fraud.
  16. ftx fallout
    SBF May Soon Be Restricted to a Flip PhoneProsecutors want to take away his cell and restrict his computer access after he kept violating the terms of his house arrest.
  17. crime
    All the New Things We Just Learned About SBF’s Alleged CrimesProsecutors provide new evidence on how the FTX founder allegedly manipulated a U.S. bank and scammed the FEC.
  18. ftx fallout
    Another SBF Lieutenant May Be Close to FlippingFTX exec Nishad Singh is reportedly close to a deal with prosecutors, which would make him the third member of Bankman-Fried’s circle to cooperate.
  19. connection issues
    Sam Bankman-Fried Is in Big Trouble for Watching the Super BowlHe is paying big bucks in legal fees and expert testimony for watching the big game on a VPN after a judge told him not to use encrypted apps.
  20. big tech
    The Silicon Valley LoopHow the dot-com crash created Palo Alto’s clueless investor class.
  21. ftx fallout
    We Finally Know Who Helped Bail Out Sam Bankman-FriedTwo more Stanford professors put up collateral to get the alleged fraudster out.
  22. ftx fallout
    FTX Even Had a Woo-Woo Life CoachSam Bankman-Fried hired his own psychiatrist to coach staffers about “happiness” and to encourage them to go on dates.
  23. ftx fallout
    The FTX Investigations Are Getting MessyProsecutors say SBF may have engaged in witness tampering. Meanwhile, Caroline Ellison and others aren’t cooperating in the bankruptcy case.
  24. the money game
    The Crypto Industry’s Favorite Bank Is in Deep TroubleSam Bankman-Fried once lauded the tiny Silvergate Bank for being a key part of the crypto revolution. Will it survive his scandal?
  25. ftx fallout
    Sam Bankman-Fried Has a New Defense Strategy: Blogging“I didn’t steal funds, and I certainly didn’t stash billions away,” the FTX founder wrote on Substack.
  26. ftx fallout
    It’s Dismantling Season for FTXSBF’s disgraced company has lost the rights to its Miami arena as it recovers $5 billion in assets to pay back customers.
  27. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried: I Didn’t Do ItThe fallen crypto boy wonder pleaded not guilty on Tuesday and will do everything he can to stay out of prison
  28. ftx
    The Feds Flipped Two of SBF’s Top LieutenantsAlameda CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang pleaded guilty to wire fraud, putting Sam Bankman-Fried in an even deeper hole.
  29. early and often
    The Fall of the Progressive Boy KingSean McElwee formed a lucrative alliance with SBF. Then his patron went bust and he suffered his own scandal.
  30. ftx fallout
    Who Gets FTX’s and Sam Bankman-Fried’s Money Now?Customers, politicans, and media organizations all received the fruits of a massive fraud.
  31. the group portrait
    How CoinDesk Took Down SBFThe reporting team who shook up the crypto world.
  32. crime
    How Sam Bankman-Fried Spent His First Week Behind BarsAfter a week watching movies in prison in Nassau, the FTX founder has dropped his extradition fight.
  33. the money game
    How Sam Bankman-Fried Allegedly Orchestrated a ‘Massive, Years-Long Fraud’The Feds have finally revealed how crypto’s former golden boy ran his scheme.
  34. exhibit a
    The Indictment of Sam Bankman-Fried Is a BombshellFederal prosecutors have broken new ground with the shockingly fast arrest of the former king of crypto.
  35. just asking questions
    A Crisis-PR Veteran on Sam Bankman-Fried’s Odd Media StrategyEric Dezenhall thinks the explanation for SBF’s behavior is pretty straightforward.
  36. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried’s Parents Are No Longer Teaching Law at StanfordHis mother says her sudden decision to retire now has “nothing to do with anything else going on.”
  37. the money game
    Could Caroline Ellison Be Cutting a Deal With the Justice Department?The former CEO of Alameda Research and Sam Bankman-Fried’s ex-girlfriend might have been spotted in Manhattan.
  38. the money game
    Sam Bankman-Fried May Regret Throwing Caroline Ellison Under the BusThe former FTX CEO cracked on his apology tour and may have handed prosecutors a gift.
  39. the law
    Why Hasn’t Sam Bankman-Fried Been Arrested Yet?Bernie Madoff was arrested in a matter of days after his fraud came to light, but SBF is still a free man. What gives?
  40. sbf: the virtue was the con
    What Does Sam Bankman-Fried Have to Say for Himself?An interview with the disgraced CEO.
  41. sam bankman-fried
    In New Interview, SBF Talks GOP Donations, Fraud, PolyamorySam Bankman-Fried talks to a YouTuber — and sure has a lot to say for someone under criminal investigation.
  42. the money game
    13 More Disturbing Revelations About Sam Bankman-FriedIt’s been weeks since the dramatic crumbling of his crypto empire, and we’re still learning about the mess left behind by Bankman-Fried.
  43. the money game
    FTX Isn’t Just Bankrupt — Tons of Money Has Been StolenSam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire is getting dissected in bankruptcy court, where a lawyer said it was run by “compromised individuals.”
  44. sbf: the virtue was the con
    What Happened to FTX?It’s possible that you don’t fully understand what Sam Bankman-Fried did or what transpired at his company, FTX. This may help.
  45. sbf: the virtue was the con
    How Did SBF Convince West Africans Crypto Was Their Future?At least Madoff’s clients were rich.
  46. sbf: the virtue was the con
    Is Effective Altruism Now Defective?Commiserating with the do-gooders SBF made look bad.
  47. sbf: the virtue was the con
    Was Caroline Ellison a Main Character or the Fall Girl?How the 28-year-old CEO LARP-ed her way into the collapse of FTX.
  48. sbf: the virtue was the con
    Will SBF Soon Be Wearing an Orange Jumpsuit?The over-under on SBF’s criminal risk.
  49. sbf: the virtue was the con
    How Much Political Power Did SBF’s Millions Buy?“Bankman-who? Never knew the guy.”
  50. sbf: the virtue was the con
    What Kind of Mess Did SBF Leave Behind in the Bahamas?On the ground in Nassau, where FTX’s riches are up for grabs.
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