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    Another Trump Defender Is Accused of Being Drunk on TVCorey Lewandowski left a Fox Business host wondering if he’d had “a little Merlot with dinner.”
  2. Sam Nunberg on What Happens When Mueller Wants to Dig Through Your PhoneThe former Trump campaign aide says the special counsel asked him about his encrypted communications, and even made him hand over old BlackBerrys.
  3. Trump Attacks Comey and Haberman, Goes on Misspelling RampageThe president is worried, with good reason, that Michael Cohen is about to turn on him.
  4. Sam Nunberg on Mueller, His Media Spree, and His Message for TrumpA late-night chat with Trump’s former campaign adviser after one long, wild day.
  5. Former Trump Aide Vowed to Fight Mueller Subpoena in Bizarre Media BlitzAfter a string of odd appearances, Sam Nunberg suggested he’d end up cooperating with the special counsel after all.