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  1. galaxy fold
    Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Launch After Review Units BreakThe bendable screen is folding, temporarily.
  2. oops
    The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Phone With the Folding Screen, Is MalfunctioningWho would’ve guessed that a folding screen would break at some point?
  3. cracking up
    Fancy Fingerprint Scanners Mean Cracking Your Smartphone Screen Will Get PricierUnder-screen fingerprint scanners are very cool and very expensive if you end up dropping your phone on the sidewalk.
  4. when to walk away
    Don’t Buy the Folding PhoneDon’t pay Samsung $2,000 to help them field-test a first-generation device.
  5. what’s next
    5G Is Going to Transform Smartphones — EventuallyOver the next few years, the smartphone — and everything else connected to mobile networks — is going to be revolutionized.
  6. the future is foldable
    How Much Would You Pay for a Foldable Smartphone?Phone manufacturers hope the answer is a lot.
  7. i turn my camera on
    Apple Crams Another Camera on iPhone (and That’s a Good Thing)Why a third camera isn’t just a marketing gimmick (though, to be clear, it’s definitely a marketing gimmick).
  8. smartphone decline
    What Samsung’s Pain Means for SmartphonesEveryone is slowly waking up to the fact that nobody is buying new smartphones anymore.
  9. smartphones
    We’re No Longer in the Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline.Growth in smartphone sales stopped surging years ago. In the next decade, they’re likely to decline. What does that world look like?
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    6 Things to Know Before Buying the Galaxy Note 9Samsung’s newest phone boasts a great camera, but it doesn’t come cheap.
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    If You Own One of These Phones, You Can Start Playing Fortnite on Android TodayGood news, Galaxy owners.
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    Samsung Phones Reportedly Go Rogue and Send Pictures to Random ContactsA worst nightmare for anybody who has ever taken a nude.
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    Should You Get a Robot Vacuum?A guide to Roombas and the not-quite cleaning revolution.
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    Samsung’s Newest TVs Are High-Design, High-Tech ChameleonsA TV that can blend right into your wall.
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    Italy Probes Apple and Samsung for Planned Obsolescence. They Won’t Be the Last.The fallout from Apple’s Batterygate continues, and European regulatory bodies smell blood in the water.
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    Samsung’s Smart Speaker Is Coming in 2018 — But How Smart Will It Be?Samsung still has a ways to go to make it’s artificial intelligence feel intelligent.
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    One of 2017’s Best Phones Is Under $600 TodayGrab the Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked for just $575.
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    How the iPhone X’s Big Screen Will Change Your PhoneWith the iPhone X, the days of the bezel are officially over.
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    The Biggest Applause Line at Samsung’s Note 8 Event Was About Its Headphone JackPeople still really love that 3.5 mm headphone jack.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preview: After the Smoke ClearsAfter last year’s disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company attempts to right the ship.
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    Samsung’s Bixby and Why It’s So Hard to Create a Voice AILost in translation.
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    The Samsung Frame Is a TV for People Who Hate How TVs LookSamsung Frame Review: A TV That Doesn’t Look Like a TV.
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    The Samsung Galaxy S8: Beauty Comes at a PriceThe most gorgeous smartphone available — but get ready to pay.
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    Why All Your Gadgets Want You to Talk to ThemWhy all the electronic stuff in your life are suddenly so desperate to start up a conversation.
  25. See Our Hands-on With the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Best Phone You Can Buy NowApple has its work cut out for it …
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    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Looks Like the Best Phone You Can Buy (for Now)Samsung’s stunning new phone is enough to make you forget that whole exploding-battery thing. Almost.
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    Can the New Galaxy S8 Save Samsung’s Smartphones?Can a stunning new smartphone be enough to put out the flames of last fall’s Note 7 fires?
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    The Samsung Chromebook Plus: A Good Laptop and a Killer TabletThe Samsung Chromebook Plus is on the forefront of changing Chromebooks from great values into plain great computers.
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    The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy May Have All-Screen Displays in 2017Nothing but screen in 2017.
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    Google Has Made a Phone People Will Want — But Can It Topple the iPhone?Google makes a triumphant entry into hardware with its Pixel smartphones.
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    You Were a Great Phone, Samsung Note 7, Except for All the FiresThe brief, sulfurous life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, dead at 53 days old.
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    Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ReplacementsThe devices were catching on fire, frequently.
  33. Can You Tell What’s Wrong With Samsung’s Fingers-Crossed Emoji?Oops.
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    A Replacement Samsung Note 7 Goes Up in Smoke on AirplaneSamsung’s no good, very bad news cycle continues.
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    How Samsung Lost Its Chance to Overtake the iPhoneSamsung had a clear opportunity to convince dissatisfied iPhone users to switch. Then its stunning new phone started catching on fire.
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    The FAA Grounds the Samsung Galaxy Note 7The agency is asking passengers to not turn on, use, or charge the Note 7 while in flight.
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    Exploding Batteries Delay Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7This is one hot device!
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    I Watched the Olympics in VR and All I Got Was This HeadacheTechnical foul.
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    This $1,500 Samsung Design Object Is the Best-Looking TV You’ll FindIt costs $1,499, was designed by two brothers in Paris, and is being sold through MoMA. And yet, we kinda want this thing to succeed.
  40. Samsung Wants to Put More Ads on Your Smart TVJust what you wanted.
  41. the smartphone wars
    Unless You’re Apple, Stop Paying Celebrities to Use Your PhonesIt never works.
  42. watch waiters
    Sorry, the Future of Computing Is Not on Your WristNo matter how cool Samsung’s smartwatch is.
  43. the iphone wars
    Why Apple’s Patent Victory Is an Emancipation [Updated]An expensive emancipation, but an emancipation nonetheless.
  44. beefs
    Jury Thinks Samsung Phones Are Too iPhone-LikeGet ready for some more awkward-looking Android phones.
  45. technology
    Samsung Citing Stanley Kubrick in iPad Patent FightDid ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ invent the tablet?