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Samuel Israel Iii

  1. ballsy crime
    Buy Sam Israel’s Getaway WheelsAnother piece of financial-fraud history is yours for the taking.
  2. fake suicide is painful
    Sam Israel Gets Two More Years for Faking SuicideWhich is not bad, relatively speaking.
  3. fake suicide is painful
    Judge May Impose Longer, Trendier Sentence on Sam IsraelGotta keep up with the times, you know.
  4. awesome things
    White-collar Criminals Are Pansies, Says Dog the Bounty Hunter “A criminal’s life has nothing but ups and downs, whereas a white-collar criminal has never seen the dark side, so when he enters that realm, he is lost.”
  5. suicide is painless
    Sam Israel’s Girlfriend ArrestedPolice say the lover of the original escape-plan-hatching, suicide-faking, motorcycle-driving Finance Fugitive brought him ‘contraband’ in jail.
  6. ballsy crimes
    Marc Dreier Is the ‘Houdini of Impersonation’The Park Avenue lawyer charged with duping hedge funds had his bail hearing today.
  7. white men with sunglasses on their penises
    Disgraced Hedge-Funder Sam Israel Goes Long in the BedroomHoly moly. The paramour of convicted hedge-funder Sam Israel talks to ‘Marie Claire’ all about their sex life this month.
  8. white men without money
    Judge Orders Samuel Israel to Hand Over His ToysDeems them a distraction.
  9. in other news
    Samuel Israel’s Lost WeekendThe missing hedge-funder decided that jail would be better than camping.
  10. in other news
    Breaking: Fugitive Hedge-Fund Manager Samuel Israel III in CustodyHe surrendered in Massachusetts this morning while talking to his mother on the phone.
  11. white men with money
    Samuel Israel’s Escape Plan Appears To Fall ApartAs long as he stays in the area driving his big honking RV around, the hedge-fund swindler is bound to be scooped up by the fuzz. Or will he?
  12. white men with money
    Where in the World Is Samuel Israel III?Unlike Carmen Sandiego, the former hedge-fund manager hasn’t supplied fun little clues or entertainment in the form of Rockapella (the FBI is pissed about this).
  13. in other news
    Hedge-Fund Maybe-Suicide Detective Has A Lenny Briscoe MomentCracks a joke at the crime scene.