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Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Here Is That Video of Samuel L. Jackson Cursing at PeopleWatch it if you’d like!
  2. ad wars
    Samuel L. Jackson Is Cursing Again LOL!For Obama.
  3. americans for a better tomorrow tomorrow
    Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Anti-Colbert Ad Paid For by Colbert Super-PACJackson wants to know why the T in Colbert’s name is silent.
  4. party chat
    Talking Obama vs. Cain at Opening Night of The Mountaintop“It’ll be a fun conundrum for the majority of Americans to have to deal with,” Samuel L. Jackson told us.
  5. party chat
    In Which We Inform Samuel L. Jackson About N-ggerheadHe took it pretty well.
  6. snakes almost on a plane
    This Is the Perfect News Story for Samuel L. Jackson Fans and Phallic-Humor EnthusiastsSnakes almost on a plane.
  7. da plane
    FAA Suspends Air Traffic Controller for Watching a Movie on the JobIt was a Samuel L. Jackson flick!
  8. gossipmonger
    Foods Continue to Conspire Against Jeremy PivenThe star blames soy milk for giving him man boobs, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  9. gossipmonger
    Madonna Wants to Raise Chickens on the Upper East SideThis, for some reason, does not sound crazy to us.