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  1. cityscape
    A Transit Hub for an All-Corporate San Francisco FutureA public project that almost feels privatized.
  2. criminal justice
    Chesa Boudin’s Challenge to San Francisco — and AmericaWhat happens when a district attorney candidate promises to upend what the criminal-justice system was designed to do?
  3. the top line
    Instead of Juul, San Francisco Should Have Banned CigarettesOr gotten ahead of the vaping more effectively by piloting an effective age-restriction regime.
  4. 2018 midterms
    Dave Brat Takes Pelosi-Bashing to Its Apotheosis Against Anti-Pelosi OpponentDemocrat Abigail Spanberger had to remind her Republican opponent of her name after he mentioned Pelosi 21 times in a debate.
  5. A CA Bill to Encourage High-Density Development Near Transit Dies. For Now.An ambitious bill to force local governments to allow high-density housing near transit stops aroused a huge debate — and too much opposition.
  6. Get Ready for More Pelosi and San Francisco–Bashing by House GOP CandidatesTying her opponent to culture-war boogeymen helped Karen Handel turn out conservatives in Georgia. There will be copycats.
  7. Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, Dies Suddenly at Age 65Lee was the city’s first Asian-American mayor.
  8. select all
    San Francisco Ponders a Robot That Collects Used SyringesCould new regulations stifle the invention of a drug Roomba?
  9. Trump Is Angry After Acquittal in Killing of ‘Beautiful’ Kate SteinleThe verdict is “disgraceful,” Trump tweeted.
  10. Heading Into Stretch in Georgia Special Election, Money No Problem for OssoffNor is it for his Republican rival in what is already the most expensive House race in U.S. history.
  11. Republicans Must Think Georgians Really Hate San FranciscoAn effort by the GOP to tie Jon Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi may be too clever by half in evoking the City by the Bay.
  12. San Francisco Brings Back Free CollegeFunds from a new tax on pricey real-estate sales are being used to eliminate tuition for city residents at the City College of San Francisco.
  13. San Francisco Police Chief Resigns After 3rd Fatal Police Shooting in 6 MonthsPolice Chief Greg Suhr stepped down at the mayor’s request.
  14. Like You, San Francisco BART Gets Dark and Existential on Twitter Late at Night“This is our reality.”
  15. the sports section
    San Franciscans Won’t Stop Vandalizing Super Bowl 50 SculpturesThe game will be played in the Bay Area next week, and locals are messing with the sculptures designed to promote it.
  16. San Francisco Park Gets First Open-Air UrinalMust be nice.
  17. Airbnb’s Passive-Aggressive Ads Backfire in San FranciscoDear Airbnb, stop being such entitled tech-douches. Love, San Francisco.
  18. The High Cost of Expensive TownhousesHow building restrictions in New York and San Francisco are strangling the whole economy.
  19. San Francisco Church Dumps Water on Homeless While They SleepSaint Mary’s Cathedral, the main church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has a new watering system designed to keep the homeless off its steps. 
  20. horrifying things
    Body Parts Found in Suitcase on San Francisco SidewalkWith more scattered over a three-block radius.
  21. bicoastal explainers
    12 San Francisco Tech Obsessions That New Yorkers Haven’t Discovered YetA primer on the future.
  22. San Francisco’s Hunters Point: A Wasteland Repaved“It’s like some people are still trapped in time as the scenery is changing.”
  23. is san francisco new york?
    The Castro: San Francisco’s Public Nudity Ban“For many, many years, we were totally fine in the city without any kind of ban on public nudity.”
  24. is san francisco new york?
    San Francisco’s South Park: The VC Appeal of Extremely Fancy CoffeeThey don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to drink what they want to drink.
  25. is san francisco new york?
    San Francisco’s Financial District: Social Club as Self-Satire“We call our club the Battery. It is not the ‘Battery Club’ or shortened to just ‘Battery.’ ”
  26. office decor
    Twitter Bought Some Very Old Log Cabins to Use As Employee Dining RoomsBecause why not?
  27. glassholes
    Google Glass ‘Attack Victim’ Says She Experienced a Hate CrimeNow you wear your class divide on your face.
  28. white men with money
    Perkins Compares San Francisco to Nazi GermanyTom Perkins is worried about a “progressive Kristallnacht.”
  29. curmudgeonly feelings
    Batkid Cost San Francisco $105,000Was it worth it?
  30. nice things
    President Obama and Ted Cruz Agree: The Batkid Thing Is NiceA child with leukemia has the best day of his life.
  31. things that are scary
    A Wildfire Could Take San Francisco Off the GridGovernor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.
  32. local news news
    Heads Have Finally Rolled at KTVU Over Those Fake Pilot NamesAn NTSB intern couldn’t be the only one fired.
  33. scary things
    San Francisco Plane Crash Investigation Begins [Updated] As the two teenagers killed in the wreck are identified.
  34. scary things
    Plane Crashes While Landing at San Francisco Airport [Updated]Passengers are still being evacuated.
  35. stand clear of the closing doors
    The Hero Who Fought Crazy Naked Subway Acrobat“I’m thinking of my mom, my sister, my wife and ladies in my church.”
  36. stand clear of the closing doors
    Video: Crazy Naked Man in San Francisco SubwayWarning: Like we said, it’s a naked man. 
  37. shifting momentum
    San Francisco Building Occupied During Occupy Wall Street Day of ActionAlso: marches in New York City, Boston, Oakland.
  38. other cities’ embarrassments
    San Francisco Now Considering Ban on Selling Animals As PetsSeriously?
  39. equal rites
    Obama Continues to Hint That His Continuing Evolution on Gay Marriage Is ContinuingWe expect this to continue until, oh, about November 7, 2012.
  40. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin’s Freedom Cookies DebunkedPlus, Bill O’Reilly is cool with McDonald’s tricking kids into buying its “crap.”
  41. equal rites
    California Already Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay CouplesThat didn’t take long.
  42. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Moves In On San FranciscoBut struggling local papers aren’t worried.
  43. presidential
    Obama to Hide from Liberals in San FranciscoThe Prez is afraid of loud protesting lefties.
  44. party lines
    Danny Glover on His Flower-Child Days: ‘I Wore Bell Bottoms, Platform Shoes, Edwardian Coats’The ‘Lethal Weapon’ star, who grew up around Haight Ashbury, used to watch Sly Stone rehearse in his friend’s basement down the street.
  45. early and often
    Gavin Newsom, Taking Over Where Spitzer Left OffWhen Eliot Spitzer announced this morning that he was dropping his driver’s-licenses-for-illegal-immigrants proposal, you would think that Hillary Clinton heaved a sigh of relief. After all, now no one would have an excuse to try and pin down her stance on the issue, like they did so excruciatingly in the October 3 Democratic debate. See, Hillary supported Spitzer, and his “efforts,” she has tried to clarify, but if she were president, she’d make it so that all of that was unnecessary. Of course she caught tremendous flack for being too political and not giving a precise answer about the topic, which amounted to her first serious stumble of the campaign. (Clinton wouldn’t sell out her friend and ally Spitzer by undermining his plan but also couldn’t come out strongly in favor of it, knowing full well it was a giant target for Republican terror rhetoric.) But now it’s over, right? Wrong. Just yesterday, as Spitzer began spreading the news that he was dropping his case, over in San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom was helping to pass very similar legislation. The West Coast city will begin issuing I.D.’s to everyone, including those in the U.S. illegally, so that people can better open bank accounts, get insurance, and access law enforcement. Gavin Newsom, of course, is a pal and California co-chair of Hillary’s campaign. So if Republican critics (and Democrat opponents) want to keep tearing at her for her flimsy position on the issue, well, they have another excuse. Man, Hillary’s the last person in this campaign who we thought would get in trouble because of all her friends. S.F. supervisors approve ID cards for residents [San Francisco Chronicle]
  46. cultural capital
    Conan Returns to New York, and Thank God After a week in San Francisco, Late Night With Conan O’Brien returns home today to the cozy hearth of Rockefeller Center. Like previous trips to Toronto, Chicago, and Finland, the San Francisco sojourn was marked by high spirits and top-notch japery. (Particularly enjoyable: the outing to Intel headquarters; repeated references to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s sex scandals delivered as ingenuous expressions of gratitude to the city government.) The return to boring ol’ Studio 6A is welcome, however, because it means relief from the overeager Bay Area audience.
  47. intel
    JT LeRoy, Fashion Designer Savannah Knoop used to dress up as JT LeRoy. Now, nearly a year after removing her hoaxy disguise, she’s trying on another title: fashion designer. Yes, it seems the woman who used to pose as a transgendered prostitute now creates androgynous outfits. When Stephen Beachy began unmasking the JT myth in a October 2005 New York profile, he called the faux-memoirist “a wig and sunglasses floating around a dizzying production of narrative.” A lengthy article in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle documented Knoop’s fashion line TINC, as well as her other gig as a waitress in Oakland. From someone who used to masquerade as someone who didn’t exist, expect frumpy fabulous. Who Is the Real JT LeRoy? [NYM] Back in Fashion [San Francisco Chronicle]